Hostinger Review – Features & Plans Good For Website? (Full Details)


When selecting a web-hosting service from scratch, searching for a trustworthy and the most reliable hoster would undoubtedly be your prime concern. This is when Hostinger comes to the rescue. Counting on its history, features, pros, and cons, and most importantly its major attraction price! In short, we are going to discuss everything in this Hostinger Review and address whether this hosting provider is worth your every penny or not.

Hostinger is not only an excellent fit for start-ups but large-level businesses too. It astonishingly ranked on top as a hosting service provider out of the long list of official hosting providers. That’s why our post here is all about ABC of Hostinger. After profoundly analyzing, researching, and comparing the variety of hosting services. Here we are presenting an in-depth Hostinger review with a detailed analysis of Hostinger’s platform.

Hostinger Review – Success History at a Glance 

Hostinger is a versatile host that offers superb customer service support with excellent uptime. Its features are unbeatable in terms of affordability and ease of use. 

As introduced in the year 2004, Hostinger International Ltd. is a Kaunas, Lithuania-based hosting media company founded as a domain registrar and web hosting provider. Holding a successful history till today, Hostinger International Ltd. changed its name to Hostinger in the year 2011. 

Over time Hostinger expands with success, with 4 subsidiaries – 

  • Hosting24
  • Weblink
  • 000Webhost
  • Niagahoster

Covering 40+ countries, 7 data server center locations

  • India
  • Brazil
  • United States (US)
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Indonesia and with over 20 M+ active users overall, Hostinger is undoubtedly worth a shot.

Hostinger Review – Features (What’s Updated In Hostinger) 

HOSTINGER features

• Easy User Interface

Hostinger offers an easy user interface to its users with the help of the cPanel feature. Their web hosting
cPanel is very easy to use and offers multiple features that make you manage your website efficiently.

Their cPanel comes with an integrated LiteSpeed web cache that excludes extra load time and ensures removing cache easily. To get this, you need to buy any of their cPanel hosting plans that are cPanel Hosting Silver ($2.59 per month) and cPanel Hosting Gold ($3.59 per month) with the commitment of 4 years tenure.

Even though Hostinger does not stand to offer its traditional cPanel but if you are new to web hosting. Then it will be easy for you to understand it though.

• 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are using a web-hosting service for the first time, then availing of 30 day money-back guarantee would be a great deal for you. Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that is again uncommon.

Yet we would say if you are getting a deal at such a low price then, you are on the plus side. It is undoubtedly a great offer as you can check out Hostinger’s services for a max of 30 days and get your money refund back whenever you want. 

But remember, this offer is not applied to any domain name purchase. In case you buy a new domain, then you will be offered just four working days starting from the purchase date of the Hostinger plans. 

• Optimized Speed

Optimized site Speed

If you wish to speed up your website and protect it from any uncertain threat, then Hostinger CDN (Content Delivery Network) will be a great option for you. CDN work as a firewall for your business to protect it from DDoS attacks. 

Hostinger offers this service starting for business shared service with just $9.95 under a shared hosting plan. Although you will not get such service in Single shared hosting and Premium shared hosting. Yet you can avail this service just by paying $9.95 lifetime. 

• No Language Barrier

Want to chat in native? No worries. Hostinger customer success team will offer you multilingual customer support so you can understand and connect better. Their agents can communicate with you in over 15+ different languages that are stationed all around the world. 

In addition, they also offer 24*7 customer support. So in an emergency, you can connect with them anytime without worrying about any time-bound. Understand their live chat option is only available for their existing customer only. So being a non-customer, the only way of reaching them you have is through the mail.  

• Guiding Manuals

Another feature that caught our eyes is its easy-to-understand user tutorials and guidelines. We are even impressed with its systematically defined Terms of Service page. What we find more engaging is how organized their agreement, policies, and tutorial pages are. 

In case of any doubt, you will find every possible question there. So, within a few minutes, you will get the solution to any ABC issue without consulting with their CSR team. 

• Free Site Builder

hostinger site builder

As a fact, Hostinger partnered with Zyro, and all of its features are offered free to its clients. Zyro is a popular and easy-to-use website building site that offers to build your website with ease. 

As the free website building service covered under Hostinger plans, users can even create a fully operating e-commerce store. It offers 100+ different templates to users so they can DIY websites using such a great variety of templates. 

Though, you might encounter some customization limitations that could confine your level of visualization. Yet, we find it a great option if you are at a start-up level and would like to create an online site from scratch. 

• Free SSD Storage

SSD storage is essential to make your website run smoothly compared to your competitors, and this is what Hostinger aid. Its SSD storage works to offer faster website speed. So your website stands above all who are dependent on traditional HDD storage. 

• Comparative Selection

Comparative selection is another point we would like to mention. What caught our eyes is the easy-to-understand comparative selection feature. Even though this feature is quite common yet it is great as Hostinger precisely defined all its features in its description table. This makes you quickly sort out your confusion and help you in quick decision-making.

Even though there is no competitor of Hostinger in the market that can beat it in terms of its plan prices and feature you get under it. It is the easiest and most value-for-money hosting site that makes your hosting easier under budget.

Hostinger Review – Plans and Pricing 

hostinger plans

In comparison with other web hosting sites, Hostinger beat each of its competitors in terms of price transparency and server resources. It offers multiple hosting solutions to its user like- VPS, Cloud, hosting for agencies, shared web hosting, and so on. 

In this part, we are going to talk about Hostinger’s top plans and pricing:

1. Web Hosting Plan

Type of Plan  Features Price(Revised)
Single shared This offer is for beginners who have just started working on the web. The single share features- 50 GB SSD access, 1 e-mail account access, 100 GB bandwidth with Free SSL, and weekly backups.  $1.99
Premium shared The premium shared hosting plan is Hostinger’s most popular plan over both other plans. It features- 100 GB SSD storage, Free e-mail access, and unlimited bandwidth with free domains. $2.99
Business shared The shared business plan offers everything similar to the rest plans with an additional 200 GB SSD, SSH access, Cloudfare CDN for speed and protection along with a free WordPress staging tool.  $4.99

Note: The above-described prices are offered only with 4 years subscription commitment. 

2. Cloud Hosting Plan 

All Cloud hosting plans are great if you run a small-scale business online and aim to offer 3x  speed to your site. 

Type of Plan  Features Price(Revised)
Cloud Startup The cloud startup features- 200 GB SSD storage space, 3 GB RAM storage, and 2 CPU central. 300 website control, free email, and free migration.  $9.99
Cloud Professional The cloud professional hosting plan is Hostinger’s most popular plan over both other plans. That comes under cloud plans. It features- 250 GB SSD cloud storage, 6 GB RAM storage with 4 CPU cores, rest similar to the startup plan.  $14.99
Cloud Enterprise The shared cloud enterprise might come a little pricey compared to a shared one. Yet it is the best deal compared to other hosting providers. It offers- 300 GB SSD storage with 12 GB RAM and 6 CPU cores.  $29.99

Note: All features are similar to the ‘Shared Web Hosting Plan’ only the above-mentioned features are either additional or extended in terms of features. Also, to avail of services at the price mentioned earlier, you must commit for consecutive 4 years.   

3. WordPress Hosting Plan

Type of Plan  Features Price(Revised)
Single WordPress This Hostinger plan is great for beginners who run their website on the WordPress platform. We found Hostinger best hosting for WordPress. This will offer users- 1 website, and 30 GB SSD with additional 10,000 monthly visits. 1 e-mail access supporting 100 GB bandwidth 2 databases, weekly backups, 2 subdomains, and 1 FTP.  $1.99
WordPress Starter In case you wish to run your site individually then this plan is great for you. It features- 100 GB SSD storage, supporting 100 websites. Great to handle 25000 monthly visits, free e-mail, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress multisite, unlimited database. With all that it exceeds the provision of subdomains under it with 100 offering unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited cronjobs. $3.99
Business WordPress This plan is great for small-scale businesses. Supporting 1,00,000 monthly visits, 200 GB SSD storage, and providing a free WordPress staging tool. Daily backups and Cloudfare CDN for protection and website speed. $6.99 
WordPress Pro In case you run a small or middle-scale business then this plan is just for you. Under this, you will get 300 website super handling and 200,000 monthly visits. The rest features are all similar to its companion plans.  $11.59

4. Web Hosting for Agency

Type of Plan  Features Price(Revised)
Agency Starter This Hostinger plan is great for businesses offering services to their clients. The agency starter features are all similar to Business WordPress hosting only the additional features like -WP CLI and provision of multiple data centers are excluded from this package.  $4.99
Agency Cloud This plan features – 300 website support with 200 GB SSD storage. 3 GB RAM supporting 2 CPU cores. Daily backups, a powerful control panel, and multiple PHP versions. Rest all features similar to the starter plan. $9.99
Agency Pro This plan is great for middle-level businesses. Supporting 250 GB SSD storage with 6 GB RAM, and 4 CPU cores. Rest features are all similar to other of its companion plans. $14.99
Agency Pro+ Agency Pro+ features you additional 300 GB SSD storage, and 12 GB RAM supporting 6 CPU cores.  $29.99

Note: Just like other web hosting plans users need to avail of such plans with a specified 48 months commitment. 

5. VPS Hosting

Type of Plan  Features Price(Revised)
VPS 1  With such an attractive cost of $2.99 per month, you will get 1 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, and 20 GB SSD storage, and dedicated IP support. This pack is great if you like to run your site securely, with security and better reliability.  $2.99
VPS 2 Under this you will get 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD storage with 2 CPU cores, and 2TB space.  $4.99
VPS 3 The VPS 3 includes – 60 GB  SSD storage, 3 TB bandwidth, 3 GB memory, and 3 cores SSD storage.  $7.99
VPS 4  Under this you will get 4 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD storage with 4 CPU cores, and 4 TB space $9.99
VPS 5  The VPS 5 includes- 120 GB  SSD storage, 6 TB bandwidth, 6 GB memory, and 6 cores SSD storage.  $23.95
VPS 6  This plan features – a whopping 8 CPU cores, 160 GB SSD storage, 8 GB storage memory, and 8 TB bandwidth. $38.99
VPS 7 This plan features – 8 core CPU, 200 GB SSD storage, 12 GB memory RAM, and 10 TB bandwidth.  $57.99
VPS 8 The VPS 8 plan offers- 16 GB memory, 8 CPU cores, 12 TB bandwidth, and 250 GB SSD storage.  $77.99

Hostinger Review: What are its Pros

web hosting planes

• Budget-Friendly Hosting Plan

Hostinger pricing is its main attraction that attracts millions of people around the world. Even though, Hostinger needs the commitment of constant four years from you to qualify its offered price. 

Yet, it still is the cheapest hosting service provider of all. Its plan starts from just $1.99 a month and extends to $77.99 a month depending on your requirements and the hosting service plan you need. 

• Free Domain Service

Hostinger is the best fit if you are looking to save dollars. How? Well, it’s Hostinger’s free domain service.  This feature offers you a free domain service that stays valid for one year and full term till you get their hosting service. 

It is uncommon to be offered by other web hosting providers. To get this, you can select any of their service plans such as shared, cloud, WordPress, or agency.  Only two plans, a single shared hosting (From Shared Hosting) and a single WordPress (From WordPress Hosting) do not support such service. 

Overall, you are saving around $10 on $20 on average which is great so considering Hostinger for such is truly a great deal.

• Weekly & Daily Backups

What if you lose your website’s most precious original data due to any human or system error? We bet you do not even want to think about it. After all, building a website is not child play! 

Thus, to secure data from inevitable loss such as malware attacks or the inclusion of corrupt files into the system, automated backups are important. And this is what Hostinger offers to secure your most valuable data to provide you peace of mind.

• Security and Certifications

When you plan to select a web-hosting service, website security must be your prime concern. Always look for a hosting provider who can assure with their bulletproof secured servers and best firewall system.  It is because an unsecured hosting provider could get your website hacked easily. Which probably no hosting service user would ever want to encounter. 

Thus for this, Hostinger aid you wide range of security options (Such as WebArx, LiteSpeed, Cloudfare, etc.) that will protect your website from every type of threat.  In addition, It also offers its users SSL certifications that are obligatory for the website’s numerous security concerns. And provide you with better Google search rankings by offering HTTPS-enabled sites.

Hostinger Review: What are its Cons 

• No One To One Calling Support

Customer service support is a core element if you think of the reason behind any organization’s success. However, we believe Hostinger performs just 70% in this field.  During our analysis, we found Hostinger lacks one on one customer support which is essential to understand customer requirements and aid better customer support. 

Even though Hostinger CSS modes include e-mail service and offer live chat support (only facilitated to its registered customers) as its main form of communication there is still a need for intercom communication. 

We suggest a telephone medium because of the level of the emergency. Getting issues or becoming stuck at some point is quite obvious while working on a new website. It would be more effective to sort out such matters over call. 

Telephonic communication is the fastest and most non-tedious way to get engaged with customers and aid the right solution for their matter of concern.  The other Hostinger CSS modes for non-customers are their Contact US page. Which you have to add your contact details so their CSS team will get back to you.

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• No Dedicated Hosting Plan

If you aim to scale up your website traffic volume then dedicated server hosting would be an excellent choice. Dedicated hosting is an effective form of hosting if you look at the web hosting industry. It is built to make your site posting easy all by itself placing your site on the server. This way you can easily extract the full benefit of the site working, leveraging the server at its max. 

Unfortunately, Hostinger does not offer a dedicated hosting plan. Since dedicated hosting is highly suitable for e-commerce sites and large-scale industries that accommodate numerous visitors regularly. The client base of Hostinger is of small or medium-scale businesses. 

Even though Hostinger would not offer any dedicated hosting plan you still got the option to measure your website growth i.e. using Hostinger Cloud or a VPS plan that comes with a dedicated IP address. 

So, on the above points, we found Hostinger to be lacking behind at a basic comparison level. Even though Hostinger wins with around 4.3 stars out of 5 stars according to user reviews. Yet considering its call support and offering a dedicated hosting plan could turn out to be its game-changer.

Besides this, the log-in requirement for communicating team and malfunctioning uptime are some minor difficulties we believe could not hamper users much. In case such do count under your concern and if you become unable to sort out your purpose. Then there are multiple other options available you can go for such as HostGator. HostGator is best if you are looking for the best-dedicated hosting for your site offering lucrative features under its plans.

Hostinger Review – Things You Should Know!

Hostinger Things You Should Know!

Even though there is no competitor of Hostinger in the market that can beat it in terms of its plan prices and feature you get under it. It is the easiest and value-for-money hosting site that makes your hosting easier under budget. 

Yet, there are some points from Hostinger’s terms & conditions that we would like to discuss with you:-

  • Some domain names such as (, .eu, .in, etc.) are all non-refundable. Even if you cancel the plan before provisioning four working days starting from the date of service commencement.  
  • Crypto-currency, digital assets, and tokens are all accepted by Hostinger. But if you cancel your preferred plans. Then no amount will be credited (refunded) to your account.
  • You have to commit for 48 months to avail the showcased plan price. 
  • Some of its additional services are non-refundable such as –domain protection, G Suite, etc. 

We found the above-mentioned points important thus we highlighted them to let you know. In case of any doubt, you can check out their Terms of Service page to get detailed insight.

So, do we recommend Hostinger? 

Without a single note of doubt, YES we do recommend Hostinger especially when you are about to run your website all the way from scratch and search for a budget-friendly web hosting provider. It starts from just $1.99 a month which is an unbelievable deal compared to other web hosting service providers we have seen so far. It just needs a little commitment and you are all set to take advantage of its resources for consecutive 4 years.

Even though, Hostinger is so great in terms of price and its packages. It still has some drawbacks in terms of uptime, and restricted features including missing dedicated hosting. All that makes it chosen hosting provider that is not crafted for everyone’s needs. 

Yet, a stress-free relieving commitment with the flexibility of hosting package selection what else is needed than this, right? 

Hostinger Review – The Final Verdict

We would say, Hostiger impressed us when it comes to price and its multiple features. It is easy to use a solid deal hosting service provider only if you did not run for dedicated hosting. Rest it is ideal in every way depending on your level of excellence and the requirements of your website. In most aspects, it rises up as a great web hosting provider, after all, you are getting everything under one roof. 

So, if you are thinking of selecting Hostinger as your web hosting service provider then we recommend you go for it. 

FAQs – Hostinger Review

What Hostinger Is Best Known For?

If you are in search of one reliable platform where you get everything in just one place then Hostinger is the best platform to go for. Being dedicated to serving its services like shared and VPS services successfully and having 20+ years of experience in Hosting services. Hostinger has become an ideal option for those website owners who want to make their website stand above all. 

Why Should I Choose Hostinger Over Others?

Hostinger is an amazing web hosting platform that offers unexpectedly easy-on-pocket web hosting plans and uptime. With Hostinger plans to upgrade and introduction of Hostinger hosting for the agency plan, It still takes on a great grasp over its position of being one of the best Hostinger over other hosting platforms.

Is It Possible to Change the Billing Cycle in Hostinger?

Yes, you can easily change the Hostinger billing cycle just by editing its renewal date. You can even upgrade your plans to one of its other plans. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the clarification of the plan you choose and the tenure you are picking it for. The longer tenure you will choose the more pocket-friendly monthly price it will charge. 

Is It Compulsory To Have the Technical Expertise to Use Hostinger?

Even though Hostinger is known for its affordability and simplicity it still requires good technical expertise to run its different plans. However, only the Shared Hosting Plan is the one that does not require any technical expertise to run it. 

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