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We will get your slow PHP website to load faster than ever before!

When developing a web application based on PHP, it is not enough to just solve the problem and finish the project requirements. The application or website must run smoothly. It should load quickly for you to retain all your visitors. You can lose a lot of your website traffic and conversions due to slow page load speeds of your PHP website. We are here to help and we can get your website to load under 3 seconds. We are PHP performance optimization experts!

  • 10 Years of experience in Webpage speed optimization
  • Guaranteed 90+ Score in Google Page Speed Insight
  • Guaranteed Less Than 3 secs Load Time in GTmetrix
  • No break-in functionality and design.


    Why optimize your PHP website’s performance?

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    Speed up your slow PHP Website

      PHP Performance Optimization

      PHP is an extremely popular programming language that has numerous applications in web development. It is one of the most popular server-side languages and is used for front-end web development as well. As a front-end language, PHP helps in Web Application Development and in making dynamic websites. The more functionality you add to your dynamic PHP website, the higher will be chances of it becoming sluggish and slow to load.
      But, we request you to not get disheartened if this is your story. We have been working hard for over 10 years so that you don’t get stuck with a laggy and slow PHP website. PHP performance optimization is our strong suit and we can help you out!

      php performance optimization

      Why speed up your PHP website?

      Improve Rankings

      Google loves fast sites. The faster your site, the better the ranking.

      increase conversions
      Increase Conversions

      A 1-second delay in page load time results in a 7% loss in conversions.

      Boost Sales

      Mobile sites that load in 5 seconds earn up to 2 times more mobile ad revenue.

      Improve UX

      A 1-second delay in page load time yields a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction & user experience.

      lower hosting costs
      Lower Hosting Costs

      Improving your speed makes your site smaller, lowering your hosting costs.

      Improve Retention

      79% of shoppers who have to wait too long won’t come back to purchase again.

      Lower Bounce Rate

      Most visitors will bounce from your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

      More Visitors

      Fast loading Websites help improve the user experience and people prefer websites that load fast & quickly present the information they need.

      We will Speed up your slow PHP Website for you, trust the experts!


      PHP Speed Optimization with W3SpeedUp

      As you might have seen above, a slow website can cause a lot of harm to your business. You could lose your Google rankings, your visitors, and your current & potential customers. That is why you must take your Website’s health and performance seriously.
      Is your website losing its visitors to slow loading speed? Do you want to optimize your PHP website? At W3SpeedUp, we specialize in boosting your website’s health and performance for maximum speed. We speed up PHP websites and we have been doing so for over 10 years now! You can trust us to optimize your PHP website for the best speed and performance. We specialize in PHP speed optimization!


      PHP Website Speed Optimization Process

      Website Evaluation

      Our developers will evaluate your existing PHP website status and identify opportunities for improvement.


      Once we’re done analyzing your PHP website, we’ll share the analysis report with you that includes improvement recommendations.

      Statement of Work

      Depending on your PHP site analysis and the recommendations, we’ll create a project implementation roadmap for speed optimization.

      Plan Selection

      Based on our findings and your budget, we’ll help you choose the pricing plan that is right for you. Every plan has its advantages.

      PHP Optimization

      When we’re done with selecting the plan and discussing requirements, we’ll appoint a dedicated PHP developer for your site optimization.

      Optimization Report

      When we’re done with your PHP speed optimization, we’ll share the improvement reports which will reflect data from popular page speed analysis tools.

      Slow loading speeds on your PHP website killing your traffic? We can help you out!

      10 Years of Optimize

      10 Years of Optimized Websites – W3SpeedUp

      We have been providing a speed boost to websites all over the world for the past 10 years. We have learned a lot during this time and our developers have become experts at optimizing slow and laggy websites. There is nothing that gets past our keen eye. In fact, we are so sure of our capabilities that we do not even demand payment before the job is done up to your satisfaction.

      Yes, we are confident that we can get your website to load under 3 seconds and that is why we don’t demand payment before we have achieved that. You can choose to pay some developer who demands payment up-front and then ghosts you for months. Or, you can choose to trust a company that is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, that is, speeding up PHP websites and all other types of websites. Contact us today for PHP performance optimization services.


      We Specialize in PHP Speed and Performance Optimization


      We Specialize in PHP Speed and Performance Optimization
      We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than a website that takes too long to load. Average consumers do not show that kind of patience. On the contrary, they associate slow loading websites with bad user experience and form judgments about the brand based on the website speed. They find it difficult to trust such brands and avoid spending money on such websites.

      A bad performing website will not only affect your user experience and conversions but also affect your scalability. The more requests your PHP web application can handle per second, the more traffic your server can handle.

      Our developers are proficient in all things PHP. So if your website is facing high loading times, we guarantee that we can get your slow PHP website to load under 3 seconds. Get in touch with us today if you want to speed up your PHP Website and avoid losing your potential visitors and customers. PHP performance optimization, simplified!

      Speed up your slow PHP website, optimize user conversions, boost conversions, and improve scalability with W3SpeedUp

      We have optimized more than 1000 PHP Websites!

      Let us help you optimize your website so that it is liked by visitors and search engines alike.
      Remember, Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first!

      Why choose W3SpeedUp?

      Customer Satisfaction

      We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we ensure that in every project we undertake.


      We love our Non-disclosure agreements and we strictly maintain the confidentiality of all our clients

      Global Reach

      Your location should not prevent you from getting work done! We serve clients across the globe

      Dedicated Teams

      We can assign dedicated resources and teams to your project as per your requirements

      We love Deadlines

      And we love sticking to them. We understand the value of your time and so we take your deadlines very seriously.

      Versatile Team

      Our proficient team of web developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters can handle any project that comes their way


      Easy & Affordable PHP Speed Optimization Pricing


      $ 540 USD

      $600 USD

      All PHP CMS and Frameworks

      Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix

      90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

      70+ Google Mobile Speed Test

      Upto 4 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

      Same design and functionality

      Detailed SEO Audit Report


      $ 640 USD

      $800 USD

      All PHP CMS and Frameworks

      Minimum A Grade on Gtmetrix

      90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

      80+ Google Mobile Speed Test

      Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

      Same design and functionality

      Detailed SEO Audit Report


      $ 750 USD

      $1000 USD

      All PHP CMS and Frameworks

      Core Web Vitals(LCP will be less than 3s)

      Minimum A Grade with all Web Vitals green on Gtmetrix

      90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

      90+ Google Mobile Speed Test

      Upto 2 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

      Same design and functionality

      Detailed SEO Audit Report



      Here are some of the popular website speed test tools you can refer to:

      • GTMetrix
      • Google Pagespeed Insights
      • Web Page Test

      Well, depending on the no, of webpages, it could take anywhere from 1-7 business days.

      No, because we don’t work on live themes. We create a copy of your existing website theme and work on the preview mode so that you don’t face any downtime. We also run the manual as well as automatic testing to make sure that there are no issues after deployment.

      Not at all! We don’t touch your design elements for speed and performance optimization. However, if there are changes that we feel should be made, we’ll recommend them in the SOW, and it will be up to you to accept or deny them.

      Of course, your web pages will load faster on mobile devices. We will optimize your website to perform well on mobile also.

      We aim to get your site to load within 3 seconds. Believe us, we will reduce the load time to the extent where there will be no possibilities for further improvement.

      Yes, we definitely can help you with any other issues related to your PHP website. Our in-house PHP experts will provide you end-to-end consultancy. Get in touch with us to know the charges for the same.

      You can surely trust us, not just because we’re saying so but because we have a considerable amount of knowledge in PHP Speed Optimization. We have been trusted by sites that have thousands of visitors a day.

      It is normal if your score changes within the range of 1-5 as it may be due to server response time or third-party resources such as tracking snippets or ads. The correct way to know your page speed is to run the page speed test three times and then take the average score.

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