We believe in our product & services and are happy to provide support for it. We want to help our customers make their sites faster by using our plugin and we are genuinely committed to solving their problems with W3SpeedUp. 

We believe in mutual respect and take a collaborative approach to resolve issues related to W3SpeedUp.

Support Hours and Response Times

We are available to help you out from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM GMT. There will be some days of the year when we are completely closed or with minimal staff due to holidays that are celebrated by a majority of our team, such as Diwali  & Christmas. 

Our average first response time is typically less than 24 hours. This could vary depending on ticket volume, minimal staff due to national holidays, company events, or other reasons like government regulations or the Act of God.

But rest assured sooner or later we do reply to every ticket that we receive!

We provide 15 days free support for all our services after the optimization/project is completed. We believe that 15 days would be a fair time to analyze our work and report any issues if arises. We do provide support after free period on chargeable basis. Please contact our support for more details on that.

Support Scope

Support is mostly intended to help with specific issues, but we can do full plugin configuration from scratch or custom development. If that’s what you would like, we have expert developers on board who will be glad to help you out and implement your idea. 

We can help you out with all kinds of issues, such as general performance issues, server-specific issues, or those caused by third parties. We will also provide you some tips and directions in those cases. 

Being a client-oriented and quality deliverance company we also provide our clients with one-on-one support with our expert developers depending on the needs and requests of our clients over Email, Skype, and Calls.

In most cases where the issue seems specific and simple to our experts, we request your admin and FTP access to investigate & install. We recommend the best practices even better than our top competitors all around the globe:

  • Where possible, provide access to a staging or duplicate version of your site where the issue can be reproduced. 
  • We treat your sites with mutual respect and utmost care, but when providing access to a live production site, we recommend taking a backup first as it will provide extra peace of mind for all of us. After all, a Win-Win situation is a key to a successful collaboration, right?
  • We take pride in our company & its enshrined policies, and therefore we do not hesitate to tell you that you shall not take us for our word just because we are saying so. And that’s why you must take extra precautions like “Use temporary access accounts”. Don’t provide us (or any other support team!) with your own account info. Create accounts that you can then delete when our work is done. At the end of the day your privacy & data matter!
  • At W3SpeedUp we all understand the importance of everyone’s individual privacy and hence we strictly suggest you never share your secret access info in plain text in the body of an email but instead always use a tool such as to securely send us your credentials for your requirements. We will temporarily store these credentials until we are finished working on the ticket, then we will delete them. like we said,
    we do understand the importance of your privacy.

Code of Conduct

Support is provided with the following expectations which apply to both customers and W3SpeedUp experts: 

  • We both belong to the same human race and therefore we respect mutual civility! We are real human beings here, not anonymous bots behind a keyboard. Before sending a reply, please consider if it would be appropriate to say in person. If not, it probably shouldn’t be written either (period).
  • There is always a key role of politeness between every support team and client. We are human beings ourselves and at our end, we all understand that sometimes issues may be frustrating, but we will not tolerate any kind of offensive language, images, literature, sexually suggestive behavior, abuse of power, inappropriate jokes, discrimination, insults, harassment, threats, intimidation, or victimization because of someone’s gender or gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, or other beliefs. If you choose to personally attack a member of our support team, for example by using rude or insulting language, we will ask you once to refrain. If the behavior persists, we will make a refund to you and terminate our working relationship, effective immediately with honest public feedback.
  • Any form of hate speech or discriminatory language based on, for example — gender, gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity,
    belief, or religion, etc. — will be met with the termination of our working relationship, effective immediately with honest public feedback.

Adult sites

We do not have issues fixing any sort of website with any sort of content on it, but please, kindly let us know if your site has adult content, so we can be aware of what we may be looking at. Our support executives and developers do possess the right to conscientiously refrain from working on sites with adult content if they are uncomfortable with the content. While we will try to find an expert to help you, depending on the content, that may or may not be possible.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse, refrain, and limit our services (our licensing, support, and any affiliated services or product) to any individual or organization at our sole discretion. In rarest of the rare cases where we may refuse, refrain, or limit our services, it may be due to the pretext of the content of the sites with any form of hate speech/discrimination, adult sites with extremely graphic/disturbing content, or sites that may have malware/viruses.

Diversity, equality, equity, respect, and politeness are part of our company culture and we simultaneously reserve the right to ensure our services are never used in a way that would promote hate, violence, racial, or any other form of intolerance or user/public disturbance.

Now let’s work together to make the web faster and advance the technological evolution.

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