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Our business niche is to kick the slow website to a better performing & speedy website! It adversely affects your business if your client is stuck waiting on your website instead what if your client quickly finds everything you offer, wouldn’t that be a smart way to hook up the client? That being said, let’s explore and optimize your slow site to new better levels in Google rankings. Have any queries? Click on the below button to get a free quote.


A 1-second delay in load time can lead to

A 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

Ever heard of the 15-second rule? Being a website business owner if you do not generate interest in 15 seconds, then you probably aren’t going to. Voila! Your visitor is no more your client, and don’t be surprised if you learn that your slow & laggy website was the prime pretext of your visitor to switch to another website.

Smart website owners like yourself must understand the importance of your website’s quick response & delivery time. You got less than 15 seconds to present your website visitor with the information they need. If they don’t get it quickly, you don’t get the client because your website visitor has already moved on to another website. Do you follow?

Website speed and performance are important aspects of the user experience. You’re likely to lose your search engine rankings and see high bounce rates if your website does not provide a good user experience. You must not overlook this, or you risk losing out on some serious organic traffic and subsequent conversions.

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Speed Optimization

We can get your website to load in under 3 seconds, irrespective of how big it is

website loading speed optimization

Always on-time

We respect and understand the importance of your time & business. Therefore we deliver your required result in 2-3 days or less. Don’t worry! We got your back!

website speed optimization service

Result-based Payout

Client satisfaction is our prime concern after performance, time, and trust. Pay 50% advance and the rest after you’re satisfied with our optimization efforts.

How can we help?

We will speed up your slow website for you!

For more than one decade we are helping businesses by fixing their slow & laggy websites. We got a solid team of technical specialists to speed up and optimize your website to deliver your expected results to the clients. Trust us, we are yet to come across a website that we can’t fix. And we like to keep it that way! Wanna give us a shot by checking our budget boosting plans?

Page Speed Optimization Timeline

3 Second

Load time under 3 seconds

2-3 days

Optimization within 2-3 business days


Back Guarantee

Benefits of Web Speed Optimization

Why speed up your slow website?

Improving the speed of the pages on your website is the smartest and simplest trick to improve your website’s overall performance and hence turning your website visitors into your company’s clients. You would like that, right? Let’s explore how!

Improve User Experience

A 1-second improvement in page load times can improve customer satisfaction by 16%. UX is directly affected by page speed!

Improve Search Rankings

Google loves fast sites with a good user experience. So, the faster your site, the better the search rankings.

Lower Bounce Rates

Pages that load within 2 seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%. Ones that take 5 seconds have a bounce rate of 38%!

Increase Conversions

A 1-second delay can lead to a 7% loss in conversions. Your website’s speed is more important than you think!

Improve Retention

79% of buyers say they will not return to a site that made them wait too long. You need a fast website to get visitors and customers to return.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is about 70%. And slow websites will see far higher rates.

Website Speed and Performance Optimization Process

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

Our developers will evaluate your existing website status and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Findings

Our Findings

Once we’ve analyzed your website, we’ll share the analysis report with you, along with our improvement recommendations.

Statement of Work

Statement of Work

Depending on your site analysis and the recommendations, we’ll create a project implementation roadmap.

Plan Selection

Plan Selection

Based on our findings and your budget, we’ll help you choose the pricing plan that is right for you.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

After you’ve selected the plan and ironed out finer details, we’ll appoint a dedicated developer for your site optimization.

Optimization Report

Optimization Report

Once it’s done, we’ll share the page speed improvement reports which will reflect data from popular page speed analysis tools.

Work with us at No Risk.

We guarantee to speed up the site in the given timeframe. You will get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our work. So, what are you waiting for?

Who we are

We are dedicated to Website Acceleration and Performance Optimization

W3SpeedUp was set up over 10 years ago with the sole purpose of providing website speed and performance optimization services. Since then we’ve received hundreds of good reviews by optimizing over a thousand websites globally.

In all that time and experience, we can say that we have seen it all and we’re yet to come across a website that we cannot optimize. Our expert developers know exactly where to look and what to do to speed up your website. Also, your website’s design and functionality won’t get affected one bit by what we do. So, irrespective of the issues plaguing your website, we’re confident that we can handle them.

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We offer best in class Website Optimization Services

Website Speedup

Since Google announced the page speed as a ranking factor, we are helping businesses by providing cost-efficient page speed optimization services, our result-driven website speed optimization service bring down the page load time to ensure that your web property is delivering the information as quickly as possible within your hosting provider capabilities.

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Elder Cohen - USA

I have been using services of W3speedup for all my websites. They are like my go to whenever i need service. I always get 90+ score on google , their customer support is also great. I would highly recommend.

Ben Morad - Canada

Designers, developers, and whole team of SEO at W3speedup has delivered me above expectations results and everything done on time.

Anna Gruzman - Canada

W3speedup team is very creative and helped provide me several templates for my website. They also worked and done tweaks for my website in very short time.


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Thanks to W3speedup my site is SUPER FAST! Great at what They do - you won't be..[Read More]

Thanks to W3speedup my site is SUPER FAST! Great at what They do - you won't be disappointed.

Joseph Pace


w3speedup was professional and exceptional at completing the web design and coding we..[Read More]

w3speedup was professional and exceptional at completing the web design and coding we needed.

Dave Vassegh


W3speedup did all I asked them to do. They were also available and responsive to my needs.

W3speedup did all I asked them to do. They were also available and responsive to my needs.

Roger Allen


Satisfactory work delivered by w3speedup

Satisfactory work delivered by w3speedup

Brit Leora


Happy to hire them. Amazing job done.

Happy to hire them. Amazing job done.



Great work!! Optimized my website and took a very slow cumbersome site up to the fast..[Read More]

Great work!! Optimized my website and took a very slow cumbersome site up to the fast speeds that Google likes. Thank you!

Dan Mark

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Want to accelerate up your slow website and improve user experience?

Your slow website is harming your business. We can speed up your website in just 2 days and get it to load in under 3 seconds. That’s our guarantee!

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