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    These tools are intelligent & easy to use to check the health and performance of various parameters on a website. These tools understand the working of your site from all aspects.









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    The SEO Experts & Digital Marketing Professionals at W3SpeedUp are most hard-working and innovative professionals out there, our dynamic team commits to generate more traffic and improve your clients visibility. We commit to improve your SEMRUSh by 90%+ and if we fail at our commitment then you can claim your 100% REFUND!

    24 Improvements we make in your On Page SEO service to grow your site.

    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Google Verification
    • Bing Verification
    • Set up GTM
    • Google Analytics Set up
    • Create XML Sitemap & Submit in Google/Bing
    • Create Robots.txt files
    • Domain Redirects (with www & without www)
    • Fix “Too_Many_Redirects” Error
    • Fix HTTPS SSL issue
    • Add Favicon
    On Page SEO Services
    • Optimize Image Alt Tags
    • Fix Broken Links
    • Optimize Title & Meta Description
    • Heading Tags Optimization & Arrange H1 to H6
    • Content Optimization & Suggestion
    • Fix Plagiarism (duplicate content)
    • Fix Cloaking Issue (hidden text)
    • Custom Design 404 error page
    • Create SEO friendly URLs
    • Add Schema Markups
    • Internal linking on keyword-rich anchor text
    • Landing Pages Design Recommendations

    Being a champion IT firm excelling in On Page SEO, we pride ourselves on converting visitors, drive qualified traffic, and use cutting-edge technology that deliver real results for our clients.

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      Why should you Choose W3SpeedUp for your On Page SEO?

      What we commit we deliver!

      Our team of experts love deadlines and they stick to whatever has been commited by them. We understand the value of your time and so we take your deadlines very seriously. Your priority is our priority.

      SEO Company
      On Page SEO Services

      We operate at God Speed!

      We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we ensure that in every project we undertake, and trust us, having so many clients at one point of time does require us to operate at God speed because there is no other way.

      100% Refund if we fail to deliver our committed result!

      We have a versatile team of qualified professionals & developers who are at the top of their game and we can handle any task that you have for us. This is the reason why we guarantee our clients 100% refund because we are certain about our commitment.

      SEO Company
      SEO Company

      World Class Digital Experts on your request!

      We assign dedicated resources & expert teams to your project as per your requirements.

      6 Years of Impeccable Track Record in Performance & Commitment!

      After doing digital marketing and SEO for over a thousand websites, we are yet to find a website that we cannot optimize. So you can trust us with your website, and we guarantee that we will get the results delivered.

      On Page SEO Services

      Ecommerce SEO services

      Grow your online store’s revenue with our ecommerce SEO services, which include:

      icon 5

      Product image optimization

      setup icon

      Product Titles & Descriptions Optimization


      Product SEO copywriting


      Product markup schema

      On Page SEO

      Enterprise SEO services

      Take the top spot with our enterprise SEO services, which include:

      seo icon

      Professional SEO copy


      Dedicated senior SEO specialist, plus SEO implementation strategists

      seo audit

      Technical SEO audit

      seo in usa

      Quarterly conversion rate optimization analysis

      SEO audit services

      Solve your website’s ranking issues with our SEO audit services, which include:

      setup youw wp-admin

      Comprehensive SEO audit checklist


      Audit implementation training or support

      Website SEO Audit

      We will asign a dedicated SEO expert to your site who will do your site audit to better discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your SEO strategy. That’s why our SEO specialists start with a technical SEO audit before building your plan. Your SEO audit will be focused but not limited to the following:


      Your website

      wordpress work

      Your website’s analytics

      speed w3speed

      Your Google Search Console data

      For the best results and insight into your site, our expert SEO team make use of various SEO tools. With the help of these resources, we can take a more diversified approach to your site SEO audit and provide your business with a better SEO strategy. A website SEO audit serves as the foundation of your SEO RFP plan.

      Off Page SEO Services

      Keyword Research

      It is indeed a very prime requirement on your site as you will not show up or rank in the search results that have the most elevated possibility of reaching your targeted audience. With any digital marketing system, including SEO, it’s fundamental for your business to tailor your endeavors as per the needs of your clients.
      That is the reason keyword research is basic to an effective SEO methodology.
      It helps your organization arrive at potential customers or clients by adjusting to how they search your site. In your content, similar to a blog or sales page, you utilize the keywords, expressions, phrases, or language that your clients do, which improves your content and convinces clients that your business understands their necessities.

      What Is Keyword Research?

      Keyword research is the way toward examining the search volume, market competition, and cost per click of keywords that mean a ton to your business and brand value. As you direct your keyword research, you’ll have the option to acquire important bits of knowledge into which terms you should use in your title tags, content, and much more.
      Utilizing these critical terms in significant areas on your site will help you rank exceptionally for those vital terms in search engine results pages, which is an incredible method to get more website traffic, and eventually convert more clients.

      SEO Company
      technical SEO Services

      Content Creation and Implementation

      Content is the thing that positions in search engines & tools, so without it, a viable SEO campaign is next to impossible.

      Content creation depends on your keyword research and incorporates the terms you consider to be the most imperative for your business and brand. Regardless of whether you work your business online or offline, you can utilize content to reach and convert your site user to your brand’s customer.

      There are numerous sorts of content, from blog entries to online help, and all are valuable to your site and your client.

      On Page Optimization

      On page SEO is a fundamental piece of all SEO techniques. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to show up in Google searches (or search results on other web engines, such as Bing or Yahoo!), you need to advance your webpage for on-page SEO factors.
      For some background, on-page SEO refers to performing SEO on your site.
      That implies you’re paying attention to factors like the content, speed, and design of your website pages. Presently, as your SEO specialist organization, we adopt a 360-degree strategy to on-page SEO by focusing on Page speed, Inclusion of interactive media, Responsive on all gadgets, Quality of your content.

      SEO Company in india

      Best SEO Packages

      WordPress Site SEO

      $ 540 USD

      $600 USD

      Website Audit

      Keyword Research

      Competitor Analysis

      Tracking codes setup

      On page optimization

      90+ SEO Score on Semrush report

      90+ score both mobile and desktop on google page speed insights

      Support & Consultation

      Shopify Site SEO

      $ 900 USD

      $1000 USD

      Website Audit

      Keyword Research

      Competitor Analysis

      Tracking codes setup

      On page optimization

      90+ SEO Score on Semrush report

      90+ score both mobile and desktop on google page speed insights

      Support & Consultation

      PHP Frameworks/CMS Site SEO

      $ 1080 USD

      $1200 USD

      Website Audit

      Keyword Research

      Competitor Analysis

      Tracking codes setup

      On page optimization

      90+ SEO Score on Semrush report

      90+ score both mobile and desktop on google page speed insights

      Support & Consultation



      Higher your site is ranked in results pages, higher the traffic on your site, and eventually higher the content interactions by the user on your site. And you know what helps your site rank higher on Google results page? Its SEO.

      Understand your target audience and their searchers intent. Make use of the web search (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing) to find the similar business out there. DO NOT skip the suggestions. Find out your competitor’s websites & how they are opertaing. And invest your time in understandihng what all are the things which make these websites successful.

      If you properly optimize your content and fix all your issues with functionality then the only important left for you to do is Site-Promotion. Content, time, and site promotion are key factors in Google rankings.

      If your organic traffic is decreasing then you must immediately check your rankings. You may use Accurank or Rank Ranger to check your rankings. In case these tools are not suggesting any drop in your site rankings and you are still experiencing lower traffic on your site then it is most probably caused due to any changes in the Google algorithm or in visitor’s behavior or user’s intent.

      If your website is experiencing slow loading, lesser traffic, bad user experience, and other site lagging issues then there are good chances that your site is being penalised by Google. Click on this link to understand further:


      Page speed in both desktop & mobile, mobile & user friendliness, a secure & accessible site, Technical SEO, keywords, links, social signals, user experience, content, URL, Age of Domain, authority, etc.

      You can do the follwing things like write catchy titles, structure your content, keyword research, add links, optimize the images & fonts, use small paras, and SEO friendly URLs.

      Yes, it does. Eventhough it is not a prime factor whcih is looked by Google in ranking of every site out there but it is always a smart decision to not put up copied content but our own original content on our own website.

      Its imperative for your business to identify the important keywords & phrases people enter in search engines. Start by making a list of important and uselful topics/keywords related with your busienss, fill those keywords on your site. Those specific words/phrases are the “Seed Keyword” and are important for SERP rankings. You can use tools like “Keyword Explorer” to conduct your keyword search.

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