Smarty PHP Speed Optimization Service

A web application built using Smarty PHP requires similar treatment as a PHP-based application does. The treatment doesn’t mean resolving issues or improving code performance. It should result in Optimizing Smarty PHP applications and websites that show faster page loading times and reduced server load time at the same.

A slow and un-optimized website increases bounce rate and takes away your prospective customers. This is what we eliminate! We are Smarty PHP Speed Optimization Experts who conduct website performance optimization in Smarty PHP so, it can load within 4-6 seconds or less guaranteed!

We assure you with –

  • 65+ Score in Google Mobile Speed Test
  • 90+ Score in Google Desktop Speed Test
  • Uninterrupted Communication Channel and Project Update
  • 10+ years experienced Developers and Optimizers
  • 100% higher Sales & Faster Website


    Why You Should Do

    Smarty PHP Performance Optimization?

    Be it WordPress, Drupal, or Shopify. No matter what website builder software you use, Performance Optimization is crucial for any web application, including those that use smarty PHP for their site. When you choose to invest in Smarty PHP optimization and performance, your online site started gaining


    Smarty’s optimization makes the codebase remains organized, future updates easy, and modifications straightforward.


    Fixing Smarty templates = Excelled web page loading speed + Better user experience = Higher ranking on SERPs


    Improving Smarty PHP upscale business with 45.4% increased web traffic without sacrificing site performance.


    Optimized smarty templates reduce strain on the server by 70% and minimize your hosting cost.


    Speeding up Smarty’s performance enhances caching efficiency, resulting in reduced future database queries by 55% and improve overall performance.


    A 4 sec. page load delay = 25% abandonment rate. Improving Smarty, results improved UX offering 90% responsive and smooth interface.

    We are Smarty PHP Speed and
    Performance Optimization Service Provider

    At W3speedUp, our experts work by understanding your PHP built website concerns and optimizing that by eliminating bugs, PSI debugging, and fixing all the system database and code issues. So, your potential customers will get an aesthetically rich website or application user experience.

    A Smarty PHP Website Optimization does not only Speed Up a Slow PHP built website but also enhances your application or website’s front end and backend components. This results in increased load time (between 1-2.5 sec.) along with the best user experience guaranteed.

    This will make your brand to be showcased as more credible, accessible, and valuable to carry out their end actions with

    How W3SpeedUp Boosts Your Smarty PHP Website



    Removing Complex Issues

    We perform bottleneck analysis to identify and remove any loophole codes and components that affect your website. 


    Complete Optimization

    Our PHP experts gel up with you to understand your website, update you timely about your database, and system, and perform code modifications to deliver you the fastest website.


    SEO Revision & Improvement

    We deliver what GOOGLE looks for in a website i.e. to be featured on top of SERPs! With SEO revision & improvements, your Smarty PHP site gets placed on top.


    Clean Codes

    We sweep all the redundant and unnecessary codes and optimize codes improving the overall code structure.

    Smarty PHP Website

    Speed Optimization Process

    Website Evaluation

    Once we receive your query, our team of developers started work by assessing your Smarty PHP website and scanning potential areas for enhancement.

    Analysis and Findings

    After analyzing your Smarty website, we’ll share the analysis report with you, which states the findings, highlighting recommendations and improvements.

    Statement of Work

    Based on your Smarty PHP website analysis and improvement recommendation. We’ll create a statement of work (SOW) mentioning the project implementation roadmap.

    Price Plan Selection

    On the basis of our SOW and your budget,  you can choose from our pricing plans that’s best for you. Every plan has its advantages.

    Smarty PHP Optimization

    Once you’re done selecting, Smarty PHP price plan and discuss every requirement. We’ll appoint the best-fit dedicated Smarty PHP developer for your website optimization.

    Speed Optimization Report

    Finally, after completing your Smarty PHP Speed Optimization, we’ll share the website improvement report with you which will reflect data from the page speed analysis tool. 

    Why Choose W3speedUp For Your

    Smarty Website?

    Furnishing Smarty PHP website speed optimization service to many prominent businesses is the reason why companies with their website built using Smarty PHP prefer W3 developers to fulfill their website needs. Keeping this as motivation, we aim for higher customer satisfaction delivering


    W3speedup offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We work to find a solution that fits your budget and provides the best possible results.


    We have extensive experience and expertise in working with Smarty PHP. Our developers are well-versed in the technology and can provide optimal solutions for your website.


    We specialize in optimizing website performance. We can make your website load quickly and efficiently, providing a better user experience for your visitors.


    We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Since every website builds differently, we work with you to ensure that your website meets your unique requirements.


    We provide 24*7 ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your Smarty PHP website remains fast and optimized over time.


    We focus on delivering measurable results, such as faster page load times, improved user engagement, and higher search engine rankings.


    We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and work diligently to ensure your project to complete within the timeframe.

    You can See Changes Instantly
    65+ On Mobile 90+ On Desktop Speed Test

    With a measurable increase in conversions and a boost in revenue year over year.


    Easy and Affordable PHP Speed Optimization Pricing


    $ 540 USD

    $600 USD

    All PHP CMS and Frameworks

    Minimum B Grade on Gtmetrix

    90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

    70+ Google Mobile Speed Test

    Upto 4 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

    Same design and functionality

    Detailed SEO Audit Report


    $ 640 USD

    $800 USD

    All PHP CMS and Frameworks

    Minimum A Grade on Gtmetrix

    90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

    80+ Google Mobile Speed Test

    Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

    Same design and functionality

    Detailed SEO Audit Report


    $ 750 USD

    $1000 USD

    All PHP CMS and Frameworks

    Core Web Vitals(LCP will be less than 3s)

    Minimum A Grade with all Web Vitals green on Gtmetrix

    90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

    90+ Google Mobile Speed Test

    Upto 2 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

    Same design and functionality

    Detailed SEO Audit Report


    Is Your Smarty PHP Website

    Built for Speed?

    Do you want your website to respond fast and your site’s user experience better? W3speedUp can help. We offer three distinct Smarty PHP speed optimization plans that you can select to load your site at its top speed.

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