WordPress Malware Removal Service for All-Around Security

Gain higher web security now with our wordpress malware removal service. We can help you with malware cleanups from wordpress core, plugins, themes, database, & htaccess files to make you free from brute-force firewall attacks & malicious codes.

W3speedup provides anti-malware security, malware scanning, total hack cleanup, blacklist removal, and a complete malware care report.


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      Complete WordPress Malware Removal & Protection Help

      Want to get rid of hacked WordPress? Let us become your ally & fight against our common threats i.e., malware and viruses. Our WordPress Malware removal and protection can help repair and restore your hacked website. We’ll do in-depth malware cleanup to make sure your online business regains its security and comes back on the sales track.

      Remove WordPress Malware

      Malware kills business growth, SEO, etc. W3speedup security team is an expert in handling vulnerabilities precisely. We’ll dig into your site database, find malicious code, & safely remove it from WordPress.

      Complete Blacklist Removal

      Getting blacklisted by search engines is a worst-case scenario. Malware can make your WordPress organic traffic goes down. Once the malware has been removed, it’s our time to submit blocklist removal requests & remove your WordPress from all the blacklists.

      Repair SEO Spam Infection

      SEO spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Our WP malware removal service doesn’t let your SEO affected. Our skilled website security analysts scan and clean your site to remove SEO spam infections, unwanted links, and keywords.

      Firewall Protection from Future Attacks

      A fresh & clean WordPress requires long-lasting protection from all viruses. We aim for higher security with a firewall that blocks attacks. We stop hacks and speed up your site.

      How We Remove WordPress Website Malware

      WordPress malware security solution comes into action with our professional end-to-end approach.

      Professional WordPress Security Analysis

      We have a dedicated team of security analysts for monitoring, preventing, and stopping malware attacks on your WordPress site. They carefully look for active malware campaigns to get rid of the root cause of malware infection and implement firewalls and software systems to protect data.

      Deep Scan of your WordPress Database

      No malware hacks are too complex for our WordPress malware removal experts. Our security specialists run a deep scan of your WordPress. We use scripts and tools to quickly detect the infected malicious files, malware, & other hacking codes in order to fix them.

      Detailed Security Audit

      WordPress vulnerabilities have been reported to be a 142% increase compared to 2020. We will run a detailed Security Audit to detect and report your site vulnerabilities.

      In-Depth Clean Up Report

      After removing malware from your site, we’ll share with you an in-depth malware and infection clean-up report for a security recommendation.

      Database Optimization & Cleanup

      Database is the most vulnerable target of hacking attempts. Infected codes and malware are often penetrated by such security breaches. We guarantee to help clean up your data, repair corrupt files and optimize your website safety.

      Inspection of Critical Files

      Our WordPress hack repair specialists inspect the critical website data and sensitive files like Htaccess, WP-config, or index.php which are more prone to get hacked via backdoor attack. They check infected files thoroughly, clean them and make them secure.

      Remove WordPress from Blacklists

      Got blacklisted by Google? Our alpha geeks specialized in WordPress blacklist removal by taking all the necessary steps as quickly as possible.

      Reliable Support

      With our security experts, you never have to worry about dealing with a hacked website. We are always available to provide you with on-time support in difficulty.

      Malware Removal Process

      Malware Removal Request

      We get access using your WordPress login credentials for FTP/SSH, cPanel, or your hosting provider. If your website is offline, we can clean the malware from hacked wordpress files and databases.

      Our WordPress security team starts baseline scanning of WordPress data using several scripts to understand your environment. If we find any vulnerable areas, we immediately initiate our malware removal process.

      Initiate Baseline Scanning

      Secure Backups

      Malware is a critical issue and can leave huge damage to your crucial data. We keep secure backups before making any changes. While cleaning up malware for you, we stay in touch with you throughout the process and provide a complete report of everything we find.

      We promise total removal of WordPress malicious codes, files, blocklists using research-driven tools that keep us on top of emerging threats and security issues.

      Total Removal

      Quality Validation

      Once your website has been cleaned, it will go through security validation by our quality assurance team. We submit review requests to remove blocklists.

      Advantages of W3SpeedUp WordPress Malware Removal Help

      Manual Malware Cleanups
      Fast Response & turnaround time
      In-depth Inspection & Monitoring
      Full Report of Cleaned Files & Quarantined Backup
      On Time Support
      Security Enhancements
      Free Removal from Blacklists

      Cost Of WordPress Malware Security Service

      $100 USD for WordPress (One Time Fee)

      Backdoor Removal

      Blacklist Removall

      Security Plugin Installation

      30 Days Guarantee

      Website Backup

      100% Removal Guarantee

      Same Day Service

      Limited Time Offer


      $ 100
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      We’ll get to work on your WordPress without delay as soon as we process your order. Our target is to repair your website within a day. However, depending on the website condition (e.g. blacklist removal), the task may take a little longer to complete.

      In order to start working on your website, we need a WordPress administrator account and your hosting account details.

      The cost of our WordPress malware removal service is $100 USD/website.

      If a website is compromised or blacklisted, web browsers may display a red security warning to their users when your site is accessed. Once your site is repaired, we can request a malware review in the Google search console. This process may take several days.

      Our team of security professionals secures backup of your website to ensure your original database doesn’t affect and remains untouched/safe.

      Our WordPress hack cleanup service detects and removes over 50,000+ types of malware including blacklists, dolohen, backdoors, session hijacks, spambots, infections, redirects, defacements, DDoS, XSS, CSRF, C99, R57, RootShell, Crystal Shell, Matamu, Cybershell, W4cking, Sniper, Predator, Jackal, Phantasma, GFS, Dive, Dx and many more from infected WordPress websites.

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