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w3speedup work speeding up my website exceeded my expectations. Excellent communication during the process and he completed the work on time. I am very happy! Highly recommended.

Tom Rowe

Amazing experience! Very good with communication. I will continue to hire!

Curtis Day

w3speedup went over and beyond his promise of a 90% score and get scores of 99 and 98 for mobile and desktop respectively. This guy is awesome and gets the job done. I'm so excited to have worked with them!

Toure Jones

Thank you so much, I am always happy to help with another challenging project!


Responded promptly and did a great job of increasing site speed. Thanks!

Andrew Herrig

Todd Kunsman

Ash Narayan

I am highly impressed with the responsiveness of this contractor. His immediacy, his productivity and his results were very impressive. He literally took us from the slow lane to the fast lane. He did this for 3 separate product lines in just 4 days. Very, very impressive. I would absolutely recommend this freelancer to anyone.

Kevin Russ

Berdens Julceus

This is the second job that w3speedup has completed for me. Outstanding work as always! Got all of my PageSpeed Insights scores to 90+ on mobile and desktop and 2s ( or less) load time on GTMetrix. Highly recommend!

Beatus Hoang

Heinz Irias

optimized the heck out of my site, it's FAST

Joe Webster

It was great to work with w3speedup! He has fulfilled our requirements completely and even more!

Alexei Kuntysh

w3speedup was great to work with and delivered great results.

Ian Clemens

Great developer!

Dale B

The performance of our site has gone from an F to an A and up to 95% in Google Page Speed. Happy with the outcome.

Michael Lobb

w3speedup has a lot of knowledge, communicates well, and has increased our page speed enormously. Thanks a lot!

Pieter Wielders

w3speedup helped up speed up our website significantly and fix issues within our wordpress site. I would highly recommend. Thanks w3speedup!

Jason Behn

w3speedup was professional, efficient and optimized my website speed within 48 hours - raising the ranking in GTmetrix from F to A. I would recommend him and would happily rehire for future projects!

Livia Hengel

He worked hard to get a very fast load speed for my website. I'm very happy with the results.

Keith Malone

w3speedup was great to work with. They greatly improved the speed of our site and exceeded expectations. Look forward to working with them again in the future.

Glenn Ryan

Excellent work!! Super fast, and affordable. Blew away my expectations. Much recommend!

Jacob Bush

W3speedup truly delivered on his stated promise. They got both my sites behaving SUPER FAST. Speed scores consistently in upper 90's for mobile and desktop on both sites. My mobile scores were horrible, but not anymore. In fact the first day after the speed changes were pushed to prod, time on site went up, bounce rate reduced, and organic traffic ticked up on mobile and tablet In addition to speeding up my sites, They took his time to answer my questions, They responded to some feedback I had around user experience, and They delivered on time. I HIGHLY recommend them and would hire them again in a heartbeat.

James Rusch

Good work

Mark Zakaib

This review is for site speed . They did a fantastic job of going thru issues and making sure everything was done to satisfaction. Would highly recommend for site speed.

William margita

w3speedup is great to work with. He goes above and beyond and I have now worked with him on multiple sites.

leif nallick

Thanks for your help! Working on a new project now.

Scott Brooks

w3speedup is wonderful to work with! He helped my website run faster and fixed several small things on my site too! He is did the work so quickly and efficiently too! I will continue to use him for my website needs because of this! I also have recommended him to a few other people too! Thank you so much w3speedup!

Terri Tucker

w3speedup was great to work with and increased my speed to scores that no other developer has been able to. He's amazing!

Daniella Flores