Server Side
Optimization Services

The importance of a fast and reliable server can’t be just described in words. It is of utmost importance to deliver a seamless user experience. If your website experiences any of the concerns below, it can be troublesome. This includes:

✓  Slow loading times
✓  Server-related problems 
✓  Performance issues
✓  Unresponsive sites
✓  Webpages taking too long to load 
✓  Dropped conversion rates 

Did any of the above concerns grab your attention?
If yes, it’s high time to get our specialized Server Side Optimization Services to load the server in the blink of an eye. 

    Here’s how we
    differentiate ourselves!

    10+ years of expertise & experience in providing the best Server Side Optimization Services.

    Using the best strategies and cutting website load time by over 50%.

    We deliver the “best of both worlds” to clients seeking strategic success.

    Strategies We Follow
    To Optimize The Server-Side


    Content Delivery

    A CDN is a group of distributed servers that reduces latency and improves loading times. We ensure its proper configuration & coverage. 


    Database Tables

    All the website content is stored in databases, which leads to fragmented data accumulation. Our team of experts constantly organizes and cleans up the database so the server’s working does not slow down. 


    DNS Query
    Response Time

    The more the distance between DNS and the browser, the more time it takes to load. Developers at W3 SpeedUp use the best practices to make your website’s DNS response 30 ms or less. 


    Leveraging the Power of

    According to the app source requirements, we choose a hosting plan using a dedicated server or a scalable



    We boost a server’s backend performance by reducing the database response times so your website can handle the


    Virtualization &

    We enable caching in different locations for server-side optimization. It saves time for database retrieving and app code execution. 

    Importance of Server-Side Optimization
    Services For a Website

    All business processes rely on how the servers perform for everyday processes. As the brand flourishes, the importance of server-side optimization becomes more essential than ever. It is a technical process that helps to improve the overall server’s functionality and speed, which includes CPU usage, page load time, memory usage, and time to first byte (TTFB). 


      Benefits of Server-Side Optimization

      Faster Loading Times
      This entails one of the primary benefits of Server-side optimization, i.e.,” Faster loading times.” Users will only engage with a website if it loads quickly, which is also a very important ranking factor that Google considers.

      Reduced Server Load
      The overall load on servers can be reduced via different Server-side optimization aspects such as optimizing code, database, and other resources.

      Reduced Bounce Rates
      Back-end optimization reduces bounce rates by ensuring that web pages load swiftly. This also helps retain visitors and encourages them to navigate the whole website.

      Mobile Optimization
      Server-side optimization helps optimize the website according to different mobile device screen sizes and network conditions, providing a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

      Content Delivery
      With the combination of server-side optimization and content delivery networks, efficient content delivery can be facilitated, which helps reduce latency and improve the overall speed of content retrieval.

      Scalability & Efficiency
      By enhancing the scalability and efficiency of a website using different back-end frameworks such as Drupal, Magento & Laravel, server-side optimization ensures that your website handles increased traffic without sacrificing performance.

      Key Server Performance Metrics


      Requests per second (RPS)

      This metric encompasses the total number of requests received during a specified time, typically in the one to five-minute range. RPS evaluates the number of requests your website’s server can handle. 


      Network Latency

      Network latency tracks the delay between a sent request from one server to another. The lower the latency rates, the higher the server performance.  


      Average response time (ART)

      It is the average time taken by the server to respond to the received request. We use this metric to check the overall server performance. 


      Memory Usage

      Memory usage evaluates how effectively the server is utilizing its memory. It helps us identify memory leaks or inadequate allocation.


      CPU Usage

      Our developers use this metric to identify website server processing capacity issues such as slow response times and increased latency.


      DNS Lookup Time

      DNS Lookup refers to the time taken by the Domain Name Server to receive and process IP address requests and return it to the browser. It should range anywhere from 20-120 milliseconds. 

      Tools For Monitoring
      Server-Performance Metrics


      A free and open-source computer application, Nagios monitors systems, networks, and infrastructure. Our experts use it to check critical application, network, and server resource parameters periodically. Its optimal web interface displays network status, notifications, and log files, ultimately notifying users about server or host issues.  


      It is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that helps us monitor the backend performance of your website’s servers, databases, tools, and services. Datadog is a handy tool that identifies and troubleshoots issues quickly before they become critical.  


      SolarWinds has a huge range of monitoring capabilities that make the procedure of tracking servers, applications, virtual machines, and networks easier. Also, it has a Network Firewall Security Management, a top-notch software that resolves all security concerns.  


      Zabbix is another well-known open-source tool that can be leveraged to monitor different IT components such as networks, servers, virtual machines (VMs), and cloud services. We use its monitoring metrics to check network utilization, CPU load, and disk space consumption. 

      Our Server-side
      Optimization Process

      Performance Analysis

      We start by analyzing your website’s backend performance and identify KPMs such as server response time, resource utilization, and database query times.

      Code Review & Optimization

      In this step, our expert developers eliminate redundant codes, improve algorithms, and ensure that code is structured. This ensures optimal performance, faster execution, and reduced server load.

      Resolving Backend Errors

      This is a very important step in our server-side optimization process, where our experts focus on resolving all the backend errors so the further procedure goes smoothly.

      Database Optimization

      By analyzing and refining the database queries, we optimize database performance by indexing tables and eliminating unnecessary data.

      Caching Implementation

      We implement powerful caching strategies like browser and server-side caching to store access data or precomputed results. This also reduces the time required for retrieving information.

      Load Balancing

      Load balancing allows us to distribute your website’s traffic across multiple servers, which ensures that a single server is not handling the whole burden.

      Content Delivery Network (CDN) Compression

      CDN compression is used to improve the website’s content delivery speed by distributing static content across different dispersed servers.

      Why Choose W3 SpeedUp

      Comprehensive Range of Services

      We at W3 SpeedUp offer a huge range of server-side optimization services to optimize the backend for Magento, Yii, Laravel, etc., according to the respective framework your website is built upon. 


      We are not just a service provider, but we believe in building trust-worthy business relationships with our clients by providing them with the best services.

      Performance Tracking

      Our experts use numerous strategies to identify issues and how they can be resolved with the utmost priority.

      Global Content Delivery

      If you have a global target audience, we establish an international server presence and implement the right strategies for global content delivery.

      Security Aspects

      As an experienced development company, we understand security is vital to server-side operations. Our developers always prioritize this concern and ensure the website’s protection against potential vulnerabilities.

      Experienced Team

      We have a team of experienced developers who are well-versed in understanding the intricacies of server-side optimization services and delivering top-notch results.



      $ 300 USD

      $400 USD

      Server configuration tuning

      CDN integration

      Extra plugin removal

      PHP code optimization

      Database optimization

      Optimize Front-end Assets

      Efficient Error Handling

      Guaranteed less than 3 seconds load time or atleast 50% improvement in server response time.

      All Php Frameworks

      $ 600 USD

      $800 USD

      Server configuration tuning

      CDN integration

      PHP code optimization

      Database optimization

      Optimize Front-end Assets

      Efficient Error Handling

      Guaranteed less than 3 seconds load time or atleast 50% improvement in server response time.



      Check out some commonly asked FAQs for Server Side Optimization Services

      What is the importance of server-side optimization?

      Sever-side optimization is a technical process used to improve a server’s functionality and speed by employing various tactics. Simply put, it is important for creating high-performance, secure, and scalable web applications

      What server-side metrics are required to maintain optimal server performance?

      Some of the server-side metrics used to gauge and maintain optimal server performance include

      • CPU usage, 
      • Thread count, 
      • Memory usage,
      • Disk usage,
      • Thread/Process Counts,
      • Server Uptime, and so on.

      What services do you offer in Server-Side Optimization?

      Our Server-Side Optimization services include but are not limited to:

      • Code optimization to improve your website’s performance. 
      • Database optimization for seamless data retrieval. 
      • Security enhancements  
      • Scalability and efficiency improvements for handling increased traffic, and more. 

      It is not possible for us to include everything in the list, so if you don’t find the service you require, get in touch with us, and we will help you with all your queries. 

      How can I collaborate with W3 SpeedUp for Server-Side Optimization Services?

      The process of partnering with us is very simple and seamless. All you have to do is fill out the contact form and help us with some basic details. Now, leave everything to us, and we will connect with you as soon as possible.

      Will your server-side optimization services affect my website’s functionality?

      We have a team of expert developers who do the process execution carefully so that it does not compromise the functionality of your website. Also, we do thorough testing to ensure that all features and functionalities remain intact while delivering improved performance.

      How frequently should I consider server-side optimization services?

      Server-side optimization is not a one-time effort; it’s an ongoing process because the algorithms, technologies, and user expectations constantly evolve.  As a leading web development company, we recommend periodic assessments and optimizations to adapt these requirements to sustain peak performance. 

      How soon can I expect results from your server-side optimization services?

      You can expect results from our server-side optimisation services in 4 to 5 days (approx). The process involves improving several server aspects, such as CDN implementation, fixing the php errors and warnings, solving the DB load time, removing unnecessary queries, etc. 

      Can your backend optimization services accommodate the unique requirements of my niche or industry-specific website?

      Yes, Absolutely! Our backend optimization services are customized to meet your unique requirements, as client satisfaction is our topmost priority. We only believe in delivering “Wow” results regardless of your industry.

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