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Want to speed up your Laravel site?
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So you got your dream website built on the best PHP framework in business? Everything looks fly and you are happy with the way things have turned out. But oh wait, you find that your search rankings are tanking, conversion rates are low and the bounce rate is going up. Chances are that your brand-new Laravel website is not optimized for the best speed and performance.

Don’t worry, there is no need to panic. We specialize in Laravel performance optimization and we got you covered!



Improved Rankings

An optimized website is liked not only by users but also by Google. Let us help you rank better!


Decreased Bounce Rate

Research indicates that a delay of 4 seconds or more in loading time causes ¾th of visitors to leave and never come back.


Increased Conversion Rate

Visitors are more likely to convert if your website loads fast. Happier customers, Higher sales!


Increased Team Efficiency

Improved web application performance directly correlates to increased team efficiency.

Tired of losing business because of slow loading speeds on your Laravel website? We can help you out!

How can we help?

Laravel Performance and Speed Optimization

We specialize in providing our clients with Laravel Performance Optimization services. Do you think your Laravel website loads slowly? Do you think your Laravel website needs optimization? Then you’re in the right place. Our team of expert developers will audit your website. Then, they will suggest optimizations to improve your website’s performance. Subsequently, they will implement the Laravel speed optimizations as per your instructions.
Want to know how it works? Check out our process below:

Laravel Speed Optimization Process

slow laravel website solution

Our developers will Audit your Laravel web application to understand how to improve its performance

speed up laravel website
Audit Report (SOW)

We will submit a detailed Audit report to you upon completion of the audit. It will include our suggested performance optimizations for your review

laravel speed optimization
Performance Optimization

Once we’ve reached an agreement, our developers will begin the performance optimization of your web application

laravel performance optimization
Project Report:

Finally, we will provide you with a detailed Optimization report which will highlight the work done by our team and the improvement in results.

Laravel Performance Optimization

Laravel has become a very popular option for developing business-focused applications since its initial release in 2011. It is primarily used for developing business information management systems and e-commerce platforms. One important reason for this popularity is Laravel performance optimization. It allows and helps developers finetune the performance of Laravel websites. Now it would be a big mistake to not use it to your advantage, especially when not doing it directly affects your search rankings, bounce rate, and conversions.

Laravel Speed Optimization Services by W3SpeedUp

At W3SpeedUp, we know that having a fast website can set you apart from the competition. We also understand that Laravel page speed optimizations are not always easy. This is where our team of expert developers comes in to save the day. Our Laravel experts specialize in optimizing Laravel based web applications for best performance. They are proficient in all kinds of Laravel speed optimization techniques and can speed-up your Laravel website for you. Laravel performance optimization is our métier, and we specialize in boosting Laravel website performance optimization.

Why choose W3SpeedUp?

Customer Satisfaction

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we ensure that in every project we undertake

Assured Confidentiality

We love our Non-disclosure agreements and we strictly maintain the confidentiality of all our clients

Global Reach

Your location should not prevent you from getting work done! We serve clients across the globe

Dedicated Teams

We can assign dedicated resources and teams to your project as per your requirements


We love sticking to deadlines. We understand the value of your time and so we take deadlines very seriously

Proficient Team

Our versatile team of web developers, UI/UX developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and copywriters can handle any project that comes their way

We recuperate sluggish Laravel websites - We are the Laravel doctors!

You know that you should consult a doctor any time that you’re feeling under the weather. Why should it be any different for your Laravel website? Think of us as Laravel doctors, specializing in speeding up Laravel Websites. If you are not happy with the performance of your Laravel website, perhaps it’d be best if you let our experts take care of it for you.
We will diagnose your Laravel website and make the necessary optimizations to your website. We will get your Laravel website to load under 3 seconds, that is our guarantee. Get in touch with us to speed up Laravel websites the right way!


W3SpeedUp - Speeding up Laravel Websites since 2010

We, at W3SpeedUp, have over 10 years of experience in optimizing Laravel websites for best speed and performance. After all these years, we feel confident in calling ourselves the Laravel optimization virtuosos. We have optimized hundreds of Laravel websites over the years and our expert developers know every trick in the book.

Is your web development team facing issues with optimizing your Laravel website’s speed and performance? You can trust us with that task and we guarantee a 90+ score in Google PageSpeed Insights and a loading time of less than 3 seconds in GTMetrix. W3SpeedUp is here to speed up your Laravel website. You can rest assured and focus on other tasks that are more important to your business.

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We will take your Laravel website score from 0 to 90+ without changing your design and visual elements or code. Over time, we’ve learned the best practices to move the Laravel page speed score in the 90s without any major visual changes or changes to the code. We make use of Google Pagespeed Insight, Pingdom, and GTMetrix tools to ensure that your page doesn’t have any issues that cause loading time delay, no matter what. We also make sure that the speed scores go a long way till you make any major changes to the website subsequently.


Do you have any other query related to your website’s performance? Get in touch with us today!

How to check your Laravel website page speed?

There are a lot of tools available on the internet to help you gauge your Laravel website’s page speed and figure out what you need to do to improve it. Here we are listing 3 such tools that will help you do just that:

Google PageSpeed Insights

It is one of the best free tools to check your Laravel website’s performance. It gives a detailed analysis of your website’s page speed, factors that are affecting it, and areas where you can make improvements to your website to reduce the loading time.


GTMetrix is also a great free tool (with a Pro version available) to check your Laravel website performance. It gives you a detailed analysis of all the elements that are being loaded on your Laravel website and the time taken by each element.


Pingdom is another popular tool to check your website’s performance. It gives your website a grade depending on its performance and suggests improvement that you can make.

You can use any of these tools to analyze the performance of your Laravel website and to find out whether improvements and optimizations are needed or not!

Why is Laravel Speed Optimization important for a website to succeed?

Simple! It’s not only what your site visitors want, it’s what Google wants. There is a connection between page speed and SEO, and that’s exactly why your pages need to load quickly.

Google’s main job is to provide users with search results that best fit their queries. Search engines not only serve pages with content that best fits the user’s query, but they also want to display websites that provide a great user experience. And you guessed it right, page speed is definitely a part of great user experience. Other user experience factors include things like readability and ease of navigation.

Pages that load quickly appeal to site visitors and help to decrease bounce rate — another indicator to Google whether or not your site is a good one.

When your Laravel site loads slowly, takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load, users will become frustrated, and bounce from your website to find one that provides the information they need more quickly.

If users consistently bounce from your site, Google will start to take notice, and you will see a drop in search engine rankings. That’s because Google sees a correlation between a high bounce rate and bad user experience, so they subsequently drop your rankings.
If users don’t stay on your website long enough to read your content, Google concludes that it must not be a very good website or that your content is not helpful & valuable to readers. Little do they know that you could have one of the best websites with the best content out there, but your slow load time kept people from experiencing your website.

This makes page speed even more crucial. Page speed can keep users from entering your site in the first place, which means they won’t learn about your business, see your products and services, or read your informative, beneficial information. Most of all, they won’t convert.


Simplified Pricing for page speed optimization

Basic Optimization
600 USD
All PHP CMS and Frameworks
90+ GTmetrix page speed score
90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
70+ Google Mobile Speed Test
Upto 4 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
Same design and functionality
Detailed SEO Audit Report

Advance Optimization

800 USD
All PHP CMS and Frameworks
90+ GTmetrix page speed score
90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
80+ Google Mobile Speed Test
Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
Same design and functionality
Detailed SEO Audit Report

Expert Optimization

1000 USD
All PHP CMS and Frameworks
90+ GTmetrix page speed score
90+ Google Desktop Speed Test
90+ Google Mobile Speed Test
Upto 2 secs Load time on Gtmetrix
Same design and functionality
Detailed SEO Audit Report