Everything You Need to Know About CDN: An Assured Way to Boost Website Speed

Boosts Website Speed & Performance

Learn How to Boosts Website Speed & Performance

With the increasing presence of online businesses and brands, the speed of any website plays is a fundamental aspect for higher conversions and better online positioning.

For maintaining existing users’ attention and attracting new ones, not only a fast website speed helps, but also diverse web content, compelling images, videos, and eye-catching page layouts.

However, these heavily scripted themes and extensive content can slow down your website to a significant level that instead of getting visitors´ attention, you may end up losing them.

This happens because of increased bandwidth to download users’ requested data.

Thus, you don’t want to sacrifice your content quality & other aspects that can help you get more traffic. Instead, you might be wondering, is there any other way to come out of this problem?

That’s where CDN (content delivery networks) comes in to improve website speed and performance.

So, what’s CDN exactly is and how does it help you to speed up your WordPress site and boost performance. Keep on reading to know.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network) And What’s Its Purpose?

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network) And What’s Its Purpose

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which is a network of secured servers to deliver content to the requested users at high speeds, lower latency, and from the server distributed closest to them geographically.

On global servers, you can store copies of static content like pictures, videos, style sheets CSS, JavaScript, and files that take most of the time of the website load.

CDN is designed to reduce the distance between the browser and the server. For example, if you are accessing a website using CDN, then your request is fulfilled from the server closest to your location instead of the location where website hosting exists.

The main purpose of a CDN is to create a close network to make your users receive the static content (videos, images, CSS) of your website fast from the server closer to them. In this way, you will improve the user´s experience, reduce the bounce rate, and increase website traffic.

You see, there are huge benefits of using CDN for your website. Take a look at some of the top benefits of CDN below to improve website speed and performance.

How Does a CDN Boost Website Speed & Performance


How Does a CDN Make a Website Faster

Google ranks fast-loading websites higher in search results. Users better trust and make purchases from sites that have less web page loading time.

So, Will a CDN speed up my website? Yes, it will for sure. CDN is a way of improving websites content delivery by reducing loading time.

Content Delivery Network regulates latency which means your website will take less time to deliver requested data to reach its destination. Here are the following ways a CDN can Boosts Website Speed & Performance:  

  • CDN works on a group of globally distributed servers to reduce the distance between users and website resources. So, it lets users connect to a closer data center instead of connecting to the website’s origin server. In this way, users’ connection travel less distance, requires less time to load which means faster service.
  • CDN ensures efficient load balancing and solid-state hard drives in the form of hardware and software optimizations to help data reach the user faster.
  • Content Delivery Networks reduce the size of the files and optimize images with the use of minification and GZip compression. As a result, reduces the amount of data transferred to the users. Thus, CDN helps in delivering smaller files sizes and makes quicker load times.
  • Sites that use TLS/SSL certificates can also be speed boosted by CDNs by optimizing connection reuse and enabling TLS false start.  

Other Website Performance Betterment by Using CDN

CDN implemented websites have much better performance. It affects various aspects of a website and has major advantages including:

1. Responsiveness:

Decreasing latency implies a shorter loading time of the website because CDN reuses the visitor’s previously opened sessions every time they visit. In this way, your website will load quickly when a user will access your website.

Oftentimes, when caching the content of the website is lost, it can be recovered after interconnection with other CDN servers.

In short, CDN ensures better responsiveness of the user’s requests to the website content.

2. Security: 

Using CDN for your website helps you create informational security throughout the whole website. CDN as a virtual protection system used to protect from spammers, false bots, scrappers, and protects against malicious attempts and other brute attacks.

3. Scalability: 

CDN handles any amount of traffic as it makes your website always available to deliver content. With the scalability feature, it balances the load on a website within a short amount of time. Thus, it maintains a faster loading speed on web pages.

Since a website is created with approximately 80% static content, a significant portion of resources will be delivered faster.

4. SEO Improvement: 

CDN improves page speed and we know that a good page speed score implies huge SEO improvement and SERP rankings. SEO and Page speed are now one of the significant considerations of search engine algorithm.

5. Redundancy:

CDN can help you minimize downtime and maintain the uptime of your website. That means CDN ensures intelligent failover by providing uninterrupted service. When one server goes offline, CDN redistributes users’ requests to the other operational servers. Even more, in case of complete data center failure, CDN helps to connect with other closest data centers. 

Final Words

As there are many benefits you can find using CDN, from high web page speed to a significant boost in performance and security, it’s better to use CDN Services for Boosts Website Speed & Performance. Cloudflare is one of the best CDN providers popular among top brands and companies. It will aid your website with an improvement in website traffic and user experience.

CDN is an assured way to take your website speed and performance to the next level.

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