How Cloudflare Help Boost Website Performance and Security

how to boost website performance and security with cloudflare

Running a secured and speedy website is not only important for high website traffic but it also helps you attract & retain authentic visitors.

As visitors are more likely to feel safe around a better security, Cloudflare empowers website security and speed to the highest possible limits. It can help you in creating high security throughout your visitor engagement with websites and minimizing speed related issues quickly.

Cloudflare is one the largest content network delivery (CDN) companies in the world. It decreases webpage load time & becomes a website protector from DDoS, or other potential attacks.

Features provided by CloudFlare are capable of handling a variety of tasks other than DDoS migration, internet security, and distributed Domain Name Server (DNS) services.

CloudFlare acts as a reverse proxy server between the client and the CloudFlare user’s hosting provider.

One can leverage many Cloudflare benefits by implementing it on their CMS’s. Here we are going to discuss how Cloudflare regulates its functions to boost website performance and security.

Minification of JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Cloudflare is very efficient in removing unwanted characters and blocking delimiters. It usually minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. Characters like newline, whitespaces, etc. are considered to be unnecessary elements which are not required for the web page to load.

Therefore, it helps to reduce the size of the files and consequently, allows web pages to open faster.  

HTTP 3 protocol

Cloudflare is the first CDN company to provide the HTTP 3 protocol. It allows websites to load multiple page elements over a single TCP connection with special advantages like header compression and push technology.

HTTP/3 uses QUIC as a transport layer network protocol. QUIC accelerates performance of connection-oriented web applications.

Secured browser transactions through SSL

Websites can get free SSL after implementing Cloudflare. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol used to encrypt links between a web server and web browser. It is commonly used to secure servers from browser transactions on ecommerce websites. However, SSL is only not for Ecommerce owners, or bloggers, it can be used by everyone.

SSL ensures data encryption from the user computer to the website server.

SSL is also a google search engine ranking signal for the websites. If your website is certified by SSL, you will have more chances to come into top SERPs.   

Mitigates DDoS and Enhance DNS security

Cloudflare gives high security to your domain. DNS security can be added by enabling DNSSEC. DNSSEC helps in mitigating a range of threats such as cross-site scripting, comment spam, SQL injection, bot crawling and more.

CloudFlare can protect against 15 times more highly capable attacks than DDoS through its mitigation capabilities.

Reduce Server Load

Reducing server load is necessary to speed up websites. By making proxy servers between traffic and website, CloudFlare provides a feature of reducing load on the servers significantly. Cloudflare also provides an option of always online where the website creates a cached version. Therefore, provides customers with a proxy server in case of a page crash.

For developers, Cloudflare is easy to figure out errors and fix them as fast as possible.

Decrease High Website Latency

High Latency is a huge problem among many Content management systems. As a content delivery network, Cloudflare can make your website highly efficient to tackle high latency and help in reducing it. In order to lower down latency of around 1ms or less, Cloudflare brings data from close entry networks instead of searching globally.

Since Cloudflare has approximately 175 data centres around the world, it quickly delivers website content from the closest data centre.  

As a result, CloudFlare allows websites to decrease the proximity between visitors and websites. Thus, helping websites to load faster by reducing latency, bandwidth, and speed up page load time.

Quality Optimization of Images

Cloudflare has a unique feature for image optimization. Images are considered as the major website loading factor. It carries around 60% of the web pages. If your website comprises many images, CloudFlare Polish feature can help you optimize them for smaller size and fast page loading.

It offers a choice between lossless or lossy compression of images. Also, Polish is designed for various Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc and supports their compression.

Boost Page Loading by AMP Real URL

For boosting page loading speed, Cloudflare comes up with AMP Real URL feature. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It ensures high speed and performance of the mobile content. Hence, searchers can get fast search results of the website on the mobile devices.  

AMP Real URL works by displaying canonical URLs to web browser users for content that are published in Mobile AMP viewer with no extra coding. However, AMP Real URL features always first check the authenticity of the content by using signed HTTPs.

To summarize the benefits of AMP Real URL, here are some of them:

  • It boosts page loading on mobile phones
  • AMP pages have good mobile SEO and thus have more chances to get higher priority in search results.
  • It helps AMP content to be displayed in search results while retaining original URLs.

Rate Limiting Rule

Rate Limiting Rule feature by CloudFlare ensures high security layer via mitigation of Brute Force login attempts, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and other malicious intent against websites.

Thus, through this powerful network, it can protect all your website assets against the critical online attacks.

Rate Limiting also allows you to gain API insights, specify responses, and configure thresholds.

Load Balancer

Cloudflare has recently announced a new update of cloud load balancer to distribute your web traffic to multiple servers.

Load balancing feature ensures that visitors always get access to website content even though backend servers go down.

Moreover, as the name suggests, load balancer not only helps in better availability but also decreases the page load time by serving content based on the user location from the nearest server.


If you are looking to boost your website for speed and security, and need one solution to enhance your customer’s experience, CloudFlare is one of the best Content Delivery Network for you.

It can help you to increase website speed, security, optimize images, save bandwidth and more. Apart from web hosting packages, speed optimization and network security could be an added benefit you can avail. So, what are you waiting for? Give CloudFlare ago.



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