Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins (5 Powerful Anti-Malware Security Guards)


Hackers and infections are omnipresent. No one knows who will become their next shot. One of the most common WordPress hacking techniques is malware attack. Web Malwares are created with a purpose to work on a website or web server. 

So, in order to dodge all those high-risk attacks on your website is by installing WordPress malware removal plugin. Malware removal plugins for WordPress are designed to provide protection from any malicious damage to a website.

They scan & dig into the WordPress files, folders and codes to eliminate malware from its root. That’s now obvious to you why we call them Anti-Malware Security check-ups.

It is understandable that we can’t predict malware infectious attacks but what we can do is to proactively act and make the best use of WordPress Anti-malware plugins. They will help you to sustain your website health by instantly removing WordPress malware and malicious codes from your site.

Here in this blog post, we have decided to make a list of some of the best WordPress malware removal plugins after using them. If you want to keep your WordPress away from malware issues, these anti-malware plugins will be your safeguard.

Why Do You Need Malware Removal Plugins For WordPress? 

To know the value of malware wordpress removal plugins, you should understand the results of malwares on websites.  

Consequences of malware infection:

    • Loss of data
    • Loss of valuable customer information
    • Huge damage to SEO
    • Corruption of website credentials and files
    • Unauthorized redirects
    • Loss of web traffic

So, to stay away from these consequences of malware attacks on websites, you should consider giving a chance to the latest anti-malware security plugins for WordPress.  

5 Top WordPress Anti-Malware Security Plugins in 2021

1. MalCare: #1 WordPress Security Plugin till date

When we talk about the best plugin for WordPress malware security, MalCare has gained millions of hearts. With its multifaceted features, it provides highly secured firewall, login protection, and scanner with an in depth cleaning process.  

It is a well-known fact that the MalCare WordPress plugin was developed after analyzing 240,000 WordPress sites. Not only it helps in deep scanning but it also comes with a layered protection to prevent websites from future security breaches.

With ease of access and simple procedure, it utilizes thorough malware cleaning from WordPress content management system within a click.

Major Advantages of MalCare plugin:


    • Sound Scanning and detecting complicated and hidden malwares.
    • Eliminating all malware and malicious codes.
    • Firewall protection for blocking bad IP addresses and malicious login attempts
    • Instant manual support to take immediate actions against high-risk issues.
    • Ultimate malware removal security for 365 days
    • Lightweight and does not impact website loading speed

Other features of MalCare:

    • Site Management (upgradation of plugins, themes, other WP core)
    • User Management
    • White Labeling
    • Client Reporting


2. WordFence

If you are looking for a solution to know how to remove my WordPress Malware permanently, Wordfence is in great use. This WordPress malware removal plugin has been into fame for many years now.

WordFence comes with a premium feature to enable you to maintain your site security and prevent attacks. It handles diverse tasks to remove malware infection from WordPress such as

    • Eliminate malware, malicious code, backdoors, code injections, URL redirects, etc.
    • Identify unfamiliar files in WordPress and allow you to delete them instantly.
    • Allow replacement of all infected files in WordPress with original ones
    • Scan malwares in content, pictures, videos, etc.
    • Strengthen Security with advanced features such as real-time scanning, anti-brute force attack, etc.

The best part of its scanner is that it provides powerful scanning, cleaning and regularly updates to detect newly created threats. It finds malware from the unexpected sites of themes, plugins, content and core files. However, WordFence is a hefty plugin that slows down the website and increases loading time.


3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is another renowned WordPress plugin for malware cleanup. In order to get rid of WordPress website malware and malicious code, you can put your stakes on Sucuri. With high efficiency of scanning and cleaning tools, Sucuri has helped thousands of websites to secure their database and resources.

If you are malware infected, this anti-malware plugin enables you:

    • Run website scan for malware and malicious code.
    • Approves original WordPress files and finds variations to identify and delete malwares.
    • Report if the site is blacklisted by search engines or antivirus programs.
    • Create Firewall for the future prevention from infections and attacks.

Sucuri WordPress plugin integrates malware definitions and file integrity scanning. Both these features work accurately to detect malware and malicious programs.

However, you might observe slow website loading speed that has a little disadvantage over other features. And, make this plugin pass our tests with a 99% score. Also, its free WordPress malware scanner is not as powerful as its premium server-side scanner.


4. CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a newcomer in WordPress Malware removal plugin list but has shown best results in detection and removing malwares.

CleanTalk brings a unique feature in the mass i.e., heuristic scanning. Heuristic scan can detect even unknown malware codes and behaviour of a script and compare them to known malware. As a result, it gives an added protection and prevention from highly critical malwares.

This WordPress plugin protects from malware infection by:

    • Scan, identify and removal of known and unknown malware using heuristic technique.
    • Search database for SQL injection.
    • Reinforce anti-malware security to prevent further attacks and infections.

When it comes to effectiveness, Clean Talk heuristics gives satisfactory results in scan and removal properties. Added with SQL injection scanner, it helps to detect malware injecting scripts designed to inject into the database. In all, CleanTalk provides complete scanning features to clean up your WordPress site.


5.    Astra Security

Astra Security is another new in the WordPress malware plugin market. With its effective scanning, it leaves us surprised. However, it is quite slow in malware scanning and takes up to an hour for completion in eCommerce WordPress websites.

After giving it a go, Astra Security detected and listed out highly malicious files. They mark the files as ‘could be malicious’ and show an option to view the files.

For not offering Malware removal features, Astra Security is not really helpful. However, in order to delete malware files from the system, you can place a request for manual clean-ups.  

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