Everything You Need to Know About CDN: An Assured Way to Boost Website Speed

Boosts Website Speed & Performance

Learn How to Boosts Website Speed & Performance With the increasing presence of online businesses and brands, the speed of any website plays is a fundamental aspect for higher conversions and better online positioning. For maintaining existing users’ attention and attracting new ones, not only a fast website speed helps, but also diverse web content, […]

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Page Load Time vs Response Time: Are They Affecting Your Website Speed?

Page Load Time vs Response Time

In this Blog. we discuss about Website speed depends on tons of metrics. Two such key metrics are Response Time and Page Load Time. Page speed reports created by popular tools like Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix mention both these metrics and suggest owners improve their WordPress site speed and performance to ensure a better […]

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How to Improve Conversion Rate on a Shopify Site – W3Speedup

Improve Shopify Conversion Rate

With an increase in the popularity of e-commerce and online shopping, more and more people are shifting their businesses online. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms present as of today and has become the most popular option for e-commerce websites. Shopify supports the development of e-commerce websites. Learn How to Improve Shopify Conversion […]

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The Importance of Server-side Optimization in speeding up your Website

Server side Optimization

The page speed of your website matters a lot when it comes to providing a good user experience, ranking well in search engines, and attracting more visitors that’ll convert. Page speed is not something you can compromise on. You especially shouldn’t compromise on it since the Google Page Experience update hits the search algorithm in […]

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What is Memcached and How can you use it speed up your WordPress site?

What is Memcached

what is Memcached?? Answer here!  In this article, we’re going to explore object caching and dive into one of the most popular objects caching systems, called Memcached. There are different types of caching like browser, page, server-side, CDN, and object caching. Object caching is important to make your database queries run faster and ultimately improve […]

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Nginx Caching for WordPress: What is it, how can it help you, and how to use it?

Nginx Caching for WordPress

If you’ve ever tried to speed up your WordPress site, most likely, you’d have come across the concept of caching. Nginx caching takes a different approach to caching than the common WordPress caching plugins you might be familiar with. It can be especially helpful in speeding up your WordPress website. In this article, we learn […]

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