The Fastest WooCommerce Themes (For Lightweight Site)

The Fastest WooCommerce Themes

Getting the fastest speed on the site is ties to many factors simultaneously. Themes are one of them. Themes are responsible to give aesthetic appeal and easy access to the site. Relying on the fastest WooCommerce themes is essential to optimize your store for speed.

Google rankings are proof that e-commerce websites using fastest themes generated more conversions and sales. However, it is quite challenging for the WooCommerce store owners to select one theme from many theme providers. Therefore, this post is dedicated to list down fastest and best WooCommerce themes in 2024 and what makes them fastest.

After testing various themes by our team, some themes left us shocked and helped us come to the most awaited conclusion i.e., the fastest eCommerce wordpress theme. The themes we have chosen are based on their best performance in terms of speeding up WooCommerce site and reliability. They contain both free and paid options. So, before jumping directly to the top list, let’s understand how we choose the fastest WooCommerce themes.

Characteristics of Fastest WooCommerce Themes

Fastest themes for WooCommerce work greatly in line with rendering sites faster. They have a handful of characteristics that give them an advantage over others. In order to support fast site speed, the fastest themes ensure the following requirements.

  •         Contain Less code for faster processing on the server
  •         Don’t rely on the jQuery JavaScript library and useless JavaScript
  •         Smaller in size means easily downloadable. 
  •         Use clean CSS and inline CSS 
  •         Make the site render faster

All these characteristics make the WooCommerce themes lightweight. They help by taking off huge loads from the browser and enable site rendering faster.

Talking about making the site faster, slower themes rely on the jQuery Javascript library. Jquery often requires more JavaScript to download and is sometimes considered as a site render blocking factor. They also use off the shelf API products that are not really optimized for speed such as Google Maps APIs and Google fonts.

Therefore, for a web page to open in less time, themes must follow all these characteristics to help WooCommerce sites get 90+ score on Google Page Insights.

After all, you now have a glimpse of what makes WooCommerce themes fast and slow, it is the right time to dive into the fastest and best converting WooCommerce themes.

Speed Optimized WooCommerce Themes
With our WordPress speed optimization service, we have gained significant speed insights for ecommerce sites. Themes and plugins do wonders while speeding up many WooCommerce sites. The Fastest themes for ecommerce helped businesses to earn higher conversions and provide better user experience to the customers. Yes, they convert mere visitors to potential customers.

Apart from high converting, these fastest themes are also mobile responsive, light and clean coded. Through this post, we want to help you know about the fastest WooCommerce themes in 2024 to go with.

1. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is the best suited theme for Woocommerce stores designed with unique and lightweight features to make your site fast loading. As the name suggests, shoptimizer fosters optimization of the shop and recommended as the fastest WooCommerce theme in 2024. 

All the key features of Shoptimizer theme are built for optimizing speed and eCommerce conversions. That’s why we would say it is the best woocommerce theme for speed. 

   Key Features

  •         Elementor to support core pages. It helps in editing your site’s core pages using the simple drag-and-drop editor.
  •         Add-to-Cart button designed for conversions. It helps in booting conversions of the products.
  •         Allow trust badges to add and display on your cart and site’s checkout pages.
  •         Sale countdown timers or limited stock timers.
  •         Customize product details stick at the top of the page. This allows visitors to view the details all the time while scrolling through the page.
  •         Add ‘request a callback’ option for top prioritized products


  • Lots of features that may tend to downgrade small eCommerce site speed.

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2. NEVE Theme

Neve theme is specifically designed for high conversion woocommerce themes. Although it can be used for any type of site, Neve comes with a special feature for WooCommerce stores named as WooCommerce Booster module. It is packed with quality features and a variety of templates you can choose from.

It is recommended as the fastest Woocommerce theme builder because of its advance and fast work.

   Key Features:

  •         Built-in AMP support
  •         WooCommerce Booster module for high conversions
  •         Provides Free download package of the theme
  •         Faster to load and runs smoothly without jQuery
  •         Comes with a plethora of templates
  •         Lighter for smaller sites


  • Fewer features compared to Shoptimizer

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3.    Astra

Astra is another fastest Woocommerce site theme, better known for its small size of about 50kb. It is very light and highly customized for conversion. Due to its huge popularity, it stands out from many other theme providers for WordPress and Woocommerce.

Plus, Astra doesn’t rely on jQuery, the most impressive thing about this theme. Other than that, it provides impeccable flexibility which allows compatibility and functionality of design combinations.

We recommend using Astra if you want to customize your store according to how you want it to look.

   Key Features

  •         Variety of store layouts
  •         Pre-built WooCommerce demo sites
  •         Endless products scroll
  •         Display Special sales using Bubble icon
  •         Cart icon slide-down to check your carts without reloading page
  •         Off-canvas menu for product filter and product search
  •         Two-step checkout process
  •         Built-in quick view functionality for products


Not built for WooCommerce specifically but it does make up for that in design flexibility and still does have some Woo specific features.

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4. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is also one of the fastest WordPress themes in the market. Just like Astra, it doesn’t depend on jQuery, which means, it is considered as the fast loading WooCommerce theme you can use. 

This is another multipurpose theme optimized for speed and overall site performance. With built-in WooCommerce support, it offers high-quality features to create compelling eCommerce stores. GeneratePress supports diverse types of businesses and industries of different niches.

Even though it doesn’t offer many features, compared to the Astra theme, it still passed our test in making a good-looking store, faster site, and providing a better user experience.

   Key Features

  •         30kb makes it lightweight and smaller in size
  •         Easy to understand checkout mode
  •         Control looks of the upsells and related products
  •         Add to cart AJAX button with a sticky panel
  •         Shopping cart icon with a drop-down option
  •         Customizer options for better control over WooCommerce styles and layout.


Fewer in features but the fastest WordPress theme on the market optimized for speed

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5. OceanWP

OceanWP is another multipurpose theme for Woocommerce with the fastest loading speed. It is designed for a streamlined WordPress theme that can make your eCommerce site load faster, provide a better user experience, and works best for converting WooCommerce visitors into satisfied customers.

However, it’s not as lightweight as Astra and GeneratePress, it still won’t let down sites when it comes to page loading speed. Moreover, OceanWP offers one of the best WooCommerce integrations with detailed, & streamlined support.

   Key Features

  •         Pre-built WooCommerce demo sites so that you don’t have to build new ones by import importing them
  •         Option for sales badges
  •         Shopping cart icon
  •         Comprehensive checkout mode that includes a multi-step approach
  •         Product quick view
  •         Sticky products details
  •         Cart and filter options with an off-canvas menu
  •         OceanWP’s WordPress customizer offers lots of layouts and styles tailor to the best possible site


Not as fast as some of the other themes but less buggy with more features.

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