Can’t Access WordPress Dashboard? Know How To Fix WP-Admin Login Issues!

How To Fix WP-Admin Login Issues

Want to access your WordPress Admin? But can’t be able to do it because of some issues. Don’t panic! This guide will help you identify your problem and provide you with the right solution.

Without login into your WordPress, you can’t access your website’s inventory.

We have helped many clients with WordPress login issues and implemented some of the best solutions to fix that. While regaining access to their site, we pen down major issues.

In the worst-case scenarios, hackers could be the cause. They lock admin out and inject ransomware to put information at ransom. However, often than not, there are merely small technical issues that can be resolved in no time.

Let’s take a look at top 5 login issues in WordPress that cause trouble in access.

What Makes You Can’t Login into WordPress Admin Dashboard?

If you can’t login into WordPress Admin dashboard, you need to identify the issue behind it. Finding out what’s keeping you away from access in the first place is the best way to seek effective solutions. Why can’t I log into WordPress admin? Here are the common reasons in WP Admin Login issues:

  1.   Too many Login Attempts
  2.   Trouble with recovering password through ‘Recover Password’ option
  3.   Forget Custom Login URL
  4.   Hackers Attack on your site
  5.   Login issues due to errors like

    • PHP error
    • Error establishing database connection
    • HTTP 500 internal server
    • White screen of death
    • Parse error

    There may be other issues that can cause you to lose access in WP-admin. To regain access to your WordPress, take a look at some effective techniques to resolve login issues.

7 ways to Troubleshoot WordPress Admin Dashboard Login Issues

What to do if you can’t login to the WordPress dashboard? You might be looking to get an answer to this question. After working for many clients, we have come up with the top 10 ways to troubleshoot WordPress admin dashboard login issues.

1.  Reset WP-Admin Password Using PhPMyAdmin

Instead of trying different passwords each time, WordPress gives another option of “Forget Password” in case you have forgotten it. This way you can login again.

WordPress has limited counts to attempt logins. After that limit ends, you may find yourself locked out. However, when that option also does not work and you’re unable to change the password, you can leave it to your web hosting provider.

Hackers always put your WordPress in a place where it becomes hard for you to escape from login issues. In such cases, using a web hosting account can be your solution. You can reset your password with the help of a web hosting account. You will be able to create a new user account in this way to regain access to your site.

Follow the given steps to manually reset your WordPress password:

  •         Log in your web hosting account and open cPanel
  •         Find phpMyAdmin under Databases section.
  •         Select your website’s database
  •         Inside your site database, select wp_users in the tables shown and edit it. 
  •         Enter your new password in front of the user_pass column.
  •         Click on save changes at the end. 

You now have a new password of your choice and enjoy your access again.


2.  Restore Backup of your Website

If you have a backup of your WordPress website, it is the right time to use it to fix your WordPress login issues. Restoring your data through backup can help you to remove errors that are popping up on your site. Errors can be the main cause for you to lose WordPress access.

Once your backup has been restored, you will be able to access your wp-admin page through log in.

However, we would still suggest you troubleshoot for problems to find out the root cause. This way will be able to fix all the errors permanently.


3.  Disable WordPress Plugins and themes

Plugins can be the reason behind WordPress Access issues. Plugins often create errors on the site that blocks your login. Thus, all the WordPress plugins must be deactivated or disabled in case WordPress can’t login with the correct password. Since you don’t have access to wp-admin, you can only disable plugins manually via cPanel. 

  •         Log into your hosting account and go to cPanel > File Manager.
  •         Open public_html and open the wp-contents folder.
  •         Find the “Plugins” and “themes folder and rename them using the suffix “disable” Eg. Plugins_Disable.

Now, reload the wp-login page. If you can access your WordPress now using login details, then plugins might be your culprit. They were creating an incompatibility issue on your site.

You can log into wp-admin, and then activate your plugins one at a time. Each time, reload your site to check which plugin is causing the problem.


4.  Remove Malware from your Site

If you have found that your website is hacked, you need to consider installing anti-malware WordPress plugins. Hackers could have removed all your login details and replaced your password with theirs. They took charge of all your WordPress resources.

In such cases, malware removal WordPress plugins can prevent you from any damage.

Plugins will help you scan WordPress files for malware and malicious code. MalCare is one of the best malware scanners and removers. If your scanner detects malware, you will need to immediately trash it down.

Websites also tend to get hacked if your website has been flagged by Google. Check the security tab in your Google Analytics account to fix this issue.


5.  Re-upload wp-login.php

Reason behind failure of accessing WordPress login page can also be your wp-login.php file. Either it is deleted or relocated. To reupload your wp-login.php file, you can do this:

  •         Download new WordPress installation. Unzip the file and search for wp-login file.  
  •         Login with a web hosting account. Access cPanel > File Manager > public_html.
  •         Upload the downloaded wp-login file to the public_html folder.
  •         Open the wp-login file and Edit it.
  •         At the end of the file, copy-paste this code:

// Delete this line

$user_login = $user_data[“user_login”];

// Replace it with this line

$user_login = $user_data->user_login;

    •         Save your changes and you’ll be able to log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

6.  Fix WordPress Login error

There might be some errors that are causing inaccessibility in the WordPress dashboard. By fixing them, you can resolve login issues.

Some of the most common errors include:

  •         Error establishing database connection
  •         HTTP 500 Internal server
  •         White screen of death
  •         Parse Errors
  •         PHP Errors

Once you will get free from all these errors, you will notice “can’t access WordPress admin page not found error” does not exist anymore.


7.  Create New .htacess File

.htacess file is one those important yet sensitive files that could even break your whole WordPress website. Error in this file can cause you to lose access to your wp-admin panel. Therefore, you should give a chance to a new .htaccess file. Follow the steps to create a fresh .htaccess file:

  •         Login with a web hosting account.
  •         Go to cPanel > File Manager and access public_html.
  •         Find the .htaccess file and download it so that you have a backup copy. 
  •         Delete this .htaccess file and try to access your WordPress admin login URL.
  •         If it works, and you’ve successfully logged into wp dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks and Click Save. It will automatically generate a new .htaccess file.
  •         Still, if it does not work, reupload your downloaded .htaccess backup file. 

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