Fastest & Best Shopify Themes in 2021 (Make Highest Converting Store)


Do you want to know what makes a website fast other than plugins? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s Themes.

Themes on Shopify impart an appealing view to the site and inevitably attract more customers. They create better relationships between shoppers and buyers.

So, as a shopify store owner, you need to ensure that you are using the fastest shopify themes.  

Wondering which shopify store themes are fastest and best for conversion? This guide will let you know everything you need to know about fastest themes on shopify and why to use them.

Importance of Using Fastest Shopify Themes in 2021

Why do I use the fastest shopify themes? To know about why there is a need to choose the fastest shopify themes, you should consider taking a brief look at the importance. A fast shopify theme are important to:

  •         impact Google rankings
  •         make the site faster, lighter and easier to load.
  •         increase conversion rates
  •         decrease bounce rate of customers
  •         get more traffic and make more money.

Every other online ecommerce website wants to get high conversion rates and better SERP position on search engines. All they need to do is choose the fastest shopify themes and the rest of the needs will be handled by them.

However, while choosing fastest loading shopify themes, you may give rise to another question i.e. how to choose fastest shopify themes.

What Makes Shopify Themes Fastest & Best?

Basically, a faster theme renders faster and helps the site load less in time. There are certain characteristics that every fastest shopify theme fulfils and uses an additional value among others. The features of fastest shopify themes includes:  

  •         Faster processing on the server by using less code. 
  •         Smaller in file size and faster to download
  •         Less Javascript
  •         Cleaner CSS and fewer CSS files

All of these characteristics fosters fast site resources downloading from the server to download and renders web pages quickly. That means, your theme on shopify store has the ability to take off loading stress on the browser using less javascript and display web pages less in time. 

Fastest Shopify Themes in 2021 To Choose

After implementing and using a number of themes, we can jot down the top 7 fastest shopify themes in 2021 you choose from.

1. Turbo

Turbo is among the most popular choices for shopify themes out there designed by Out of the Sandbox. As the name suggests, Turbo offers amazing speed performance, best designed for all sorts of Shopify online stores.

It supports all sizes of online shopify stores. If you are looking for Best Shopify themes for small inventory, you can count on Turbo.  

Turbo comes with the two unique features i.e. super-fast loading speed and caching functionality. As a result, it can make your shopify site faster to load and ultimately create a more satisfied user experience and potential customers.

In the competitive world, Turbo stands on top. The reason behind its huge success is Sport and Ludicrous Speed Modes.

Sport and Ludicrous Speed Modes

What do you think of a Shopify theme that has two modes?

Users of Turbo have a choice to choose either of the modes. Both are optimized for speed but with different performance settings.

Ludicrous mode is capable of predicting user behaviour in the preloading page and runs the next predicted page in the background. However, some third-party apps might crash with Ludicrous mode and open the doors for Sport mode for the users.

Sport mode, whereas, is a highly capable Turbo Shopify theme, without the preloading page technology but with seamless integration with third-party apps.

Features of Turbo

Turbo provides customized designs according to the cities like Portland, Florence, Dubai, Seoul, Tennessee, and Chicago. These designs are packed with premium features and leaves endless creative and selling capabilities.

  •         Product sliders
  •         Fast loading speed
  •         Minified HTML
  •         Optimized images fit all screen sizes
  •         Mega menus
  •         Interactive mini cart
  •         Customizable page templates and layouts
  •         Quick and versatile navigation configuration
  •         Multiple video platforms compatibility with YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  •         Predictive (live) search
  •         Custom contact form
  •         Support for Shopify’s new Product Media

2. Flex

Flex is a game-changing theme for Shopify that gives ultimate control with many premium quality features. It caters to the needs of shopify users with its professional configuration features for multiple layouts, excellent control of settings, and easy addition of custom CSS. Thus, Flex becomes one the fastest shopify themes that allows the site to load faster.

Flex is another Out of the Sandbox shopify theme that offers flexibility around customized themes. It’s extra flexibility and control offers features like

  •         Four header and footer styles
  •         Three product page layouts
  •         Mega Menus and dropdowns
  •         Control over margins
  •         Width settings
  •         Background gradients
  •         Button styles
  •         Text columns
  •         Sticky bottom bar

It is extremely helpful for those who don’t have any coding experience and want to create their online store’s fastest shopping site. This theme supports large scale business to small business with online products and services in order to grow their brand revenue.

Features Of Flex

Flex comes with a pack of features to control your online Shopify store much faster and better. By using the feature called Demo Shop Import, you can start a theme much faster than usual. Flex has loaded with top notch features like   

  •         Multiple Layout Options: Customize your theme according to your site’s content and use the best creativity.
  •         Advanced CSS: Add CSS directly to the sections using theme editor.
  •         Make more compelling elements: Apply style to the elements within a section.
  •         Icons & Elements: Have you ever thought of adding visuals using icons and elements? Flex will lend you a helping hand. Flex provides an opportunity to include an announcement bar, featured promotions, texts, and columns.

3.    Shoptimized

Every shopify store manager wants to use a theme that focuses on optimizing conversion rates and better user engagement. If you also prioritize your needs around this, give a chance to Shopitmized shopify theme. Shoptimized automatized working on the major marketing principles such as influence and persuasion by showcasing best customer reviews and positive customer experiences of your products.  

The Shoptimized theme uses the best practices for optimizing conversion rates. Not only is it one of the fastest shopify themes, it also uses high speed custom features. Shoptimized theme offer user-friendly checkout, homepage, search, and product lists, optimized for mobile devices

Shoptimized theme Features

Most of the features that Shoptimized offers are intended to boost your conversation rates.

  •         Create well defined marketing approach for urgency, high demands of products using countdown timer with special discounts
  •         Showcase awards, achievements, certificates, number of social media followers, likes, and more.
  •         Display scarcity of stock remaining
  •         GEO-IP recognition helps in recognizing which customer’s country 
  •         Currency switcher
  •         Delivery timer providing estimated time of delivery to customers
  •         Email Pop-Up
  •         Marketing integration with third-party apps
  •         Value proposition
  •         Embed Videos
  •         Personalized products
  •         Cross-sell pop-up

4.    Booster

Booster is another fastest shopify theme designed with lightning-fast website loading and high conversion rates. Booster provides compelling designs and user-friendly tools to help shopify stores increase sales and boost site speed.

With its affordable prices, you can save a lot of money by not investing in expensive Spotify themes.

Without any coding experience, you can set up this theme in accordance with your industry. When it comes to getting a licensed theme for shopify, Booster offers a licensed version for getting support throughout the year.

Features of Booster

  •         license option to buy a theme for lifetime
  •         Social proof widget built in
  •         Optimized for Speed and Products conversion
  •         Email functionality
  •         Quality video integration features
  •         Customized cart behaviours
  •         Upsell and cross-sell functions
  •         Megamenu functionality
  •         GEO IP currency converter
  •         Supported with over 10 languages

5.    Shella

Need a multipurpose shopify theme? Let us introduce Shella, the multipurpose shopify theme builder. It is fast, fresh, and dynamic with a solid price.  

It is suitable for various industries, because of its minimalistic designs. Shella is highly popular among online fashion stores selling shoes, accessories, cosmetics, clothes and more. It is compatible with 6 languages and has a variety of features that’ll help you optimize your site and increase your sales.

Features of Shella

Shella offers features specifically targeted to boost sales and improve customer experience. They include:

  •         Builder Section for homepage and Mega menu
  •         Quick view and wishlist
  •         Dynamic checkout buttons, Headers and footers
  •         SEO-optimized
  •         Mobile-optimized
  •         Unique Layouts and Product Display
  •         AJAX shop, AJAX search
  •         Size guide pop-up and page
  •         Popups for newsletters, cookies, promo, and purchase notification
  •         Option for subscription
  •         Custom product tabs
  •         Full-screen sliders and video players to showcase your products

6. Fastor

Fastor was the best selling Shopify theme in 2019. Fastor has the super-fast loading times and features that makes it qualified for the list of fastest shopify themes in 2021.

It’s suitable for every industry. This theme has 86 pre-made demos, 11 product page layouts, and 24/7 supporting team ready to answer your questions.

Features of Fastor

Whether you want general features or more specific one, Fastor has it for you.

  •         Countless fonts, colors, hover effect, and pre-made skins for Extraordinary Designs
  •         Professional Layouts for columns spacing, width, responsiveness, layout type
  •         Categorised for Sale, new badges, product images, product number per row, quick view, display elements on hover, default view.
  •         Well informed product page with auto-updated prices, zoom image feature for size, position, product social share.
  •         Clean Design and Speed Optimized compressed code
  •         Widgets
  •         Age verification
  •         Countdown cards to increase the number of orders
  •         Multiple currencies payment options
  •         cookie notification bar
  •         Integrate Google translate

7.    Debutify

Debutify is one of the best and fastest Shopify themes for free. The free version has several basic features that are enough to set up an online store on shopify and start up an online market.

It provides attractive layouts and designs by default that makes the product navigation process easy. With its collection of different colours, you can make your online store aligned with beautiful colors in accompanying your brand.

It is used to get speed optimized themes for mobile devices and to showcase your products with clean designs and competitive advantage.

Features of Debutify

The paid version of Debutify comes with the following features:

  •         Collection of Animated Add-to-cart option
  •         Easy-to-use dashboard
  •         All in one Cart features of sales countdown, discount, goal, delivery time,
  •         Live Chat support box
  •         Inventory quantity
  •         Linked options
  •         Live view and Quick view
  •         Mega menu
  •         Product tabs

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