How to Improve Conversion Rate on a Shopify Site

Improve Shopify Conversion Rate

With an increase in the popularity of e-commerce and online shopping, more and more people are shifting their businesses online. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms present as of today and has become the most popular option for e-commerce websites. Shopify supports the development of e-commerce websites. Learn How to Improve Shopify Conversion Rate 

Shopify performance optimization becomes important to increase the Shopify conversion rates. A slow and lagging Shopify website affects the overall user experience and reduces the rates of conversion. In this highly competitive world where the users are presented with numerous options, even a 1-second delay in website loading time can make more than 40% of your potential customers shift towards your competitors.

Benefits of Shopify Speed Optimization

Given below are some of the reasons why you should optimize your Shopify website. 

Increased page views:

Who would want to buy from a website that is slow in speed and breaks down at important junctures? People prefer to buy from those sites that have a high speed and run smoothly without any significant layout shifts. A stable and high-speed e-commerce website helps build trust among the customers about their services. 

Increase in conversion rates:

Shopify experts suggest that Shopify performance optimization helps increase the conversion rates on the website. A conversion rate is referred to as the number of people visiting a website and ending up buying the products or services provided on that website. Shopify sites are e-commerce websites developed with the aim of selling products. The availability of so many images, details, and descriptions makes e-commerce websites complex in nature, and hence it is important to optimize them. 

Increase in website traffic:

A faster website makes people visit again and again. If a website loads slowly and wastes the precious time of the visitor, he won’t be willing to visit again. A fast and efficient website saves time rather than wasting it and also helps build trust attracting more people to the website thereby increasing the website traffic.

Higher Google search engine ranking:

Speed is among the primary factors that are considered by Google to rank websites. Google uses core web vitals metrics to measure the experience any user has while surfing a website. The website that has better core web vitals, ranks higher on the search engine. This helps the website get more clicks and therefore higher conversions. By availing of a Shopify speed optimization service, you can improve your core web vitals and rank higher on the Google search engine.

Tips to improve e-commerce conversion rates for your Shopify website

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Shopify performance optimization, let’s look at a few tips to improve e-commerce conversion rates for your Shopify website. 

Improve user experience:

User experience includes the experience that a user has while shopping on your website. You should focus on improving the user experience to improve website conversion rates. The checkout procedure should be easy and smooth to ensure that the customer has a pleasant shopping experience.

All the information should be clearly mentioned at the beginning itself. Any hidden costs could lead to a bad shopping experience. Keep the color combination on your website decent. Improve your website loading speed to make it load in less than 3 seconds. Also, work on your site navigation to improve your conversion rates. 

Optimize your Shopify website for Mobile devices:

Most people use their mobile devices for online shopping and hence, it becomes very important to optimize your Shopify website for use on mobile devices. If your website does not support mobile devices, you will likely lose a large share of your potential customers. Yous should make sure that your website works the same on mobiles as it does on laptops and desktops. 

Use Trust Boosters:

Most people find it difficult to trust the products, services, and logistics of a new e-commerce website. This is one of the biggest challenges due to which people do not buy from a new e-commerce website. It is important for you to establish trust among the customers by using trust boosters. You can do this by collaborating with industry giants, personalizing the products, services, and content as per the customers. This will help boost trust among the customers. 

Use reviews and testimonials:

You should use testimonials and product reviews on your website to establish trust among the customers. It will act as proof of the customers who are happy with the products and services of the website. It will vouch for the authenticity of your website and make the customers trust you with their money. This can help improve the rates of conversion.

Make the website interactive and use personalization:

A personalized and interactive website relates more with the user and makes him feel satisfied. Personalized product recommendations can be a game-changer in improving your website’s user experience. You can share the product reviews on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

Scarcity and Urgency:

Try using fast selling tactics by generating a sense of urgency in the mind of the user. You can mark the products as a limited edition, or only 1 left in stock or short period offers like 50% discount valid only for 1 hour. This will prompt the customer to buy the product then and there without thinking too much. This will help increase the rates of conversion on your website thereby increasing your revenue and sales. 

Optimize your product page:

With the wide variety of options available to the customers, it is very important for you to optimize your product page along with your website to increase the rates of conversion. You must find out the needs of the customers and then optimize your page accordingly. You should ensure that your customer is interested in your product to make him buy it. Optimize your product pages as well as your social media pages to capture the attention of potential customers. 

Use impactful product descriptions:

The description of the product plays a very important role in converting customers. The product description should be carefully curated keeping in mind and addressing the problems of the potential customers. Make the descriptions short and add bullet points to highlight the key features of the products. 

Professional photography:

Visual content or photographs play a major role in wooing customers. Hiring a professional photographer to photograph and elevate the images of your product is not a bad idea. Use 3D images instead of normal ones to capture the customer’s attention. Try not to miss out on any important details of the product and try to capture images from all angles to provide a holistic view. 

Use Videos:

A picture cannot show everything and hence, hire a professional videographer and create product videos to provide an accurate and holistic view of the product. This will lead to a higher rate of conversion on your Shopify website.

Cross-sell or up-sell:

Upselling refers to the strategy of making the customers buy a product that is similar to and priced more than the one that has been chosen. This is a sales strategy that can be followed. 

Cross-selling refers to the marketing strategy of selling products that can be used together or paired together with the product that has been chosen. It will help widen the preference of products and services, increase the value of a long association, makes it flexible and comfortable, and increase customer satisfaction thereby increasing the conversion rates. 

Make payment process easier:

The checkout process is one of the most important steps in online shopping. A complicated payment or checkout process can make the customer run away from your website. Give as many options as possible to the customers during their checkout process to increase conversion rates. A smooth process of checkout will help increase the conversion rates of your Shopify website. It provides the customers with a lot of satisfaction and makes them visit your website again and again.

Shopify performance optimization can help increase your website’s conversion rates by a significant amount. It can reduce bounce rates and help you increase your revenue and profit, increase your page views, and website traffic. The above-mentioned steps are very effective and can be used for Shopify speed optimization or you can hire a company like W3 Speedup to provide you with Shopify speed optimization services.

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