Say No to Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin! (Best Alternatives to Use)

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Contact form WordPress plugins help you create consistent contact forms on your site. And, one of the most popular plugins that are very handy to use is Contact form 7. Contact form 7 is free & easy to use plugin created for WordPress users.

Wait! Wondering why we are suggesting you stop using Contact form 7? Interested to know the reason behind not going with this plugin? Take a look at why you should say no to Contact Form 7 and choose the best quality alternatives.

Why Stop Using Contact Form 7 Plugin?

Yes! Better choose other plugins & Stop Using Contact Form 7 plugin on your WordPress site. While other form builders are optimized for speed, Contact Form 7 uses heavy scripts & impacts overall website speed.

These scripts slow down the website loading & add more CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. When the plugin is active, all scripts get injected to every page on the website.

Even more, Contact Form 7 also doesn’t allow you to make contact forms with captcha & do any custom edits in simple contact forms.

So, If Contact Form 7 has one positive side, it also has a major downside regarding site speed & functionality. And, site speed is the most important factor to achieve high google rankings and conversions. Even 1 sec extra delay in the site loading can change the whole algorithm. 

Thus, the types of WordPress plugins you are using for contact forms, malware removal, SEO, or web designs, must be aligned with the page speed requirements.

So, what to do now? Don’t worry! We have come up with an alternate solution for you. Here are the best 7 alternative plugins to create contact forms that perform better than Contact Form 7.

1. WPForms


WPForms has done a great job in creating WordPress form builders that are easy and lightweight. If you need WordPress speed optimization, the WPForms plugin ensures fast filling & submissions of the forms. 

After coming into the market, the plugin has become highly valuable for non-developers & solved the issue of investing in developers to create WordPress contact forms. The plugin comes with drag & drop functionality so as to create custom contact forms without even writing a single line of code.

WPForms is not only limited to beautiful contact forms but also allows you to create payment forms and other types of forms for your site within a few minutes. With its easy-to-use features, pre-built templates, and workflows, it is the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin out there.

Several other contact form plugins lose mobile responsiveness. However, contact forms designed by WPForms are 100% mobile responsive & fit best to different sizes of mobile devices.

Most importantly, WPForm’s contact forms are speed optimizer that doesn’t harm your SEO and conversions.

2. Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is another best of its kind. It is the free form creation plugin for WordPress users. It is a drag & drop WordPress form creator to build forms within minutes. As a beginner, you can quickly & easily design complex forms without having any experience of coding.

But if you are a developer, you can best utilize built-in hooks, filters, and custom field templates to make forms according to your needs at any step in the form building or submission.

3. Form Maker by WD

Form Maker by WD

Do you want to create responsive and customizable forms? Form Maker is there to assist you. This form creator is a user-friendly WordPress plugin you can get free of cost. With an easy-to-use drag & drop interface & multifaceted features, this form builder is one of the modern & instinctive plugins designed for WordPress users.

Although Form Maker offers varieties of top-quality features, it is the best choice for both beginners and advanced WordPress users. It only takes a few clicks to construct complex HTML forms. 

No matter whether you have programming skills or not, Form Maker offers an exceptional and clean visual form editor toolbox to create a contact form.

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a flexible WordPress plugin to easily create simple contact forms, polls and surveys, and lead generation forms.

With the use of formidable forms, you are all set to create highly customizable forms or kick start your creativity by using pre-built templates. Even more, the built-in visual styler will help you instantly provide custom look & feel to your forms.

Whether your need is the smallest sidebar opt-in form to large job application forms, Formidable Forms is built to do it all. You don’t require any coding knowledge to create professional contact forms for your WordPress site.

Additionally, you can also change the form layout by simply using layout classes. In case of more advanced customizations, you have complete access to edit the form HTML and CSS.

5. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder

Need to manage all kinds of forms under one roof? Visual Form Builder is a WordPress form builder plugin to help you. It will allow you to create wide range of forms as customizable & quick as possible.

It reduces the stress of writing codes & there is no need to write PHP, CSS, or HTML anymore.

6. HappyForms


happy Forms is the newest form builder in the market. It is completely free and provides the simplest way to manage conversations with your customers via creating compelling WordPress contact forms. You’ll be set up and going in 5 minutes or less.

To make it easier for beginners, it uses a drag and drop form builder. It is optimized to increase conversations with your website leads and to help you keep track of conversations in a filterable archive. You can set up your contact forms within 5 minutes.

7. JetFormBuilder


JetFormBuilder is a free form creator WordPress plugin alternative to Contact Form 7. 

It offers 18+ field blocks, 11 posts submit actions, conditional logic, calculated content, and more functional features.

With its Gutenberg WordPress editor, you are now able to create advanced forms and add any content you want to your next form. JetFormBuilder allows WordPress forms to accept all kinds of payments. Moreover, you can style your form sections with the use of free JetStyleManager as you wish.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the great list! form Maker is there to assist you. This form creator is a user-friendly WordPress plugin you can get free of cost. With an easy-to-use drag & drop interface & multifaceted features, this form builder is one of the modern & instinctive plugins designed for WordPress users.

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