Top Tips To Boost Your Businesses SEO in 2024

Top Tips To Boost Your Businesses SEO

In 2024, if you are a business of any kind and you aren’t online or don’t have a marketing program, it is going to be tough for you to grow!

In the last few years in advertising, the standard flyers through-the-door option to attract customers and clients have fallen by the wayside and given rise to online marketing. If you were looking for a window cleaner, it would now be considered odd to use word-of-mouth to find the best one in your area. You would likely take to the internet and type in something like ‘window cleaners near me.

Anyway, when it comes to marketing your own business online, to get you noticed by the right clients, you need to invest in search engine optimisation, also known as SEO. This market and its trends do seem to change quickly, meaning it can be tough to know how best to get your site noticed and engaged with by your target demographic.

In this article, the top trends for getting websites noticed and increasing SEO will be explored, so you can get more customers rolling in, as well as more money!

Top Tips To Boost Your Businesses SEO

Right Get a Virtual Office

When you run a business from home, do you really want your clients to know that?

It may seem OK to list your home address on Google as your business address, but when a client checks into where you are located, having a business address on a residential street may ring alarm bells.

So, one way you can boost your business SEO is to look into getting a virtual office Manchester. When this is linked to a Google Maps page, this can help boost your website’s SEO on the search engine, helping to boost your ranking and attract more customers to your business.

Right Get on Social Media

Next, if you are looking for a way to boost your business SEO with ease, it can be worth looking into getting your business pages up and running on social media.

The most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, based on your business type. If you run a photography studio, then you are more likely to get your work noticed on Instagram. If you run a freelance video editing business, then your best bet is to get onto X.

Assess the areas where your business type does the best on social media, and use the platform of your choice to boost your SEO .

Right Use AI and Machine Learning

It’s 2024 and both artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the rise. These are not just trends, as they appear to be changing how websites and businesses use SEO to improve their rankings on search engines.

Why? Well, these technologies can quickly help those who are looking to expand smaller businesses or boost their SEO to understand user behaviors, as well as preferences. This can enable content creators to better target their content, such as videos and articles, to users’ preferences. Relevant content is a huge tick for boosting SEO, so it is well worth exploring the role of both AI and machine learning in this area.

You can also use both AI and machine learning to look into website user behaviors, which can help you break down which areas or products on your website are getting the most attention and which areas aren’t. 

Right Local SEO

Another thing to consider when seeking to boost your SEO is the use of voice-activated AI devices, like Google Home. If someone is looking to have their hair cut, they may say something akin to ‘find a hairdresser near me’ to one of these devices. This is known as local SEO, and it is essential to harness this to boost both customer engagement, and your websites SEO.

How can you do this? By writing and creating content that features keywords relevant to your website, such as ‘hairdressers near me,’ you can focus the local search on your website and help the search engine bots optimize your page towards local customers or clients.

Right Content, content, content!

Speaking of content on your website, for it to rank high on Google or other search engine algorithms, it needs to contain keywords; it needs to be unique, and, most importantly, it cannot feature any AI-written content. The algorithms that run these sites are not huge fans of AI content!

So, if you can, aim to create unique content about your services or products with relevant keywords, as this will help with better SEO ranking on any search engine site and will also help customers read and explore exactly what it is that you do. Of course, if you are not a wordsmith, there are plenty of freelance SEO writers out there who can research your subject area, identify keywords, and write content for your site’s blog and associated pages.

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