Case Study: SEO Campaign Grows Sales Revenue 333% in 28 days

SEO Campaign Grows Revenue


Miami Turn Up is a leading Miami boat party provider for the tourists of Miami who are looking to throw the best party ever and create everlasting experiences.

From unlimited drinks, and great music, to the views of Miami’s stunning skyline and Biscayne Bay around water, there are countless amenities that make your party packages worth every penny. For over 15 years in the presence, Miami Turn Up strive for unforgettable memories and endless possibilities of fun no matter what kind of party event you want to throw for your friends and family. 


Miami Turn Up Entertainment was experiencing less website traffic and visibility, the two crucial SEO goals to attract more boat party enthusiasts. W3speedup SEO team took this challenge and worked dedicatedly to boost organic traffic on the targeting keywords.

We audited the site for SEO to get a thorough understanding of the company’s performance. With a detailed report at hand, we needed to strategize for customer-centric SEO.

W3speedup SEO team worked dedicatedly to come up with proven solutions which can help us achieve desired goals i.e., increasing organic traffic and improving keyword ranking.


I. Technical Challenges 

A. Website Design and User Experience

A design of a website is something that a visitor first comes across. We helped Miami Turn Up to make the vital changes in the layout of the website that could bring significant improvement in the way how users interact with the website, making it more user-friendly.

We took a closer look at the site structure and user experience to identify optimization opportunities.

We found out the speed of the site is too slow. Did you know 1 in 4 visitors would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load? Therefore, we assigned our developers who can work on optimizing web page speed and ensuring it loads within 3 seconds.

And guess what? Our speed optimization team did it again, the site is faster than ever.

speed optimization

As digital experience is evolving, user behavior is also. If a website is the primary source of business, making it user-interactive and responsive should be the goal of every business. 

Miami Turn Up Entertainment drives a lot of revenue in business through its website. That’s where we came in to dig deep into the website design opportunities to make some significant improvements in the layout of the website, adding brand-centric designs that its customers would love and care about. You see! SEO isn’t just about fixing 404s, it entails a business growth strategy while prioritizing search engine best practices.

B. On-page optimization

Relevance is key in the noisy digital world. On-page SEO is necessary for search engines to find a relevant connection between the website content and its niche. From the user’s view, on-page SEO helps improve page experience and make the user journey easier.

The SEO team at W3speedup went through the manual on-page analysis and SEMrush SEO tool to identify the gaps for the on-page optimization.

We created a technical SEO checklist that included fixing broken links, adding alt tags, optimizing metadata & URLs, adding schema markups, making the site mobile-friendly, and more.

From less than 70 scores on SEMrush previously, we’ve achieved a 90+ score on SEMRush after optimization.

90+ score on SEMRush after optimization.

Our SEOs collaborated with content writers to create valuable content with the purpose to add value in the existing content and build awareness among new site visitors and inspire them to take necessary actions.

At the end of the day, it couldn’t be better for Miami Turn Up Entertainment than a visitor buying their boat party package.

Thus, CTAs play a big role for interested customers and we placed a powerful call to action throughout the content to create a sound copy that attracts users and encourages them to book their party slots.

Our copywriters also made sure each heading and CTA must be keyword rich.

Furthermore, we came across with internal linking opportunity so to help users browse through other pages of the website. Our link-building specialists internally linked pages to help users find what they are looking for without any struggle.

II. Content Optimization & Marketing

If you need domain authority, you need more content. If you want to build brand awareness, you need more content. Content is now multifaceted. From marketing to education, it fulfills most business goals. 

Miami Turn Up Entertainment wasn’t much-leveraging content marketing before. After we stepped in, we helped them design blogs and articles, and interesting web stories, and share insights that talk about their brand and Miami booze cruise party experiences.

As a result, educating boat party lovers and Miami tourists who would love to know more about boat parties in Miami. 

III. Off-Page SEO

Link building is important for building authority online. The more domain authority, the better it is for search visibility.

Our off-page audit found out low-quality backlinks were one of the culprits behind Miami Turn Up Entertainment’s online growth.

Therefore, we custom-designed our off-page SEO strategy for the company which was primarily focused on guest posting and getting backlinks from relevant and trusted platforms.

Results in 28 days 

The company saw impressive traffic boost, keyword ranking, and revenue growth from the efforts around content-focused SEO strategy.

Top Ranking on Targeted Keywords (Top 10 Ranking on Google)

Top Ranking on Targeted Keywords

Within the first four months, targeting keywords “booze cruise Miami” and “Miami boat party” rank within the top 3 of the #1 SERP in the US.

Boost in Website Traffic (190% Page Views Growth)

Boost in Website Traffic

Within a month, they saw around a 190% increase in visitors and page views, representing incredible growth in organic traffic. As opposed to users leaving a site, they are now spending more time on the website as shown by a massive increase in page sessions and fewer bounce rates.

333.3% Revenue Growth

333.3% Revenue Growth with SEO

With more visitors, Miami Turn Up Entertainment has enabled its possibility to gain more potential customers. 333.3% growth in revenue clearly indicates that Miami tourists are ready to buy their affordable boat party packages.

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