SEO Case Study: How BelleliDoors Achieved #1 Google Ranking

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Belleli Doors is a leading provider of door products and door repair services in Canada, offering top-quality solutions to businesses of all sizes. With over a decade of experience in the industry, the company has established a solid reputation for delivering exceptional products and services to its clients to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


There are already countless commercial and residential door companies providing similar services in the niche. Not only competing against other established brands but also outranking them online was only made possible by our SEOs who have years of experience.

W3speedup is proud of its SEO team who sat together for planning and designed an SEO strategy that was focused on ranking target keywords using the best-in-class practices to achieve the desired results for Belleli Doors. With the goal to rank on page one on high-volume keywords, our SEOs were dedicated to creating a process that could help them to work towards ranking for their target keywords.

Once we’ve done with auditing and had the SEO report in the hands of our experts, we knew there were lots of areas to work on to improve the overall SEO performance for the company and to reach our desired goal. 


I. Technical SEO

Our backend technical SEO team didn’t forget to fix the technical issues which were potentially harming SEO gains.

A. Improved Landing Page Structure on Target Keywords

To rank the landing page, it is important to understand how users are experiencing it. We had to make sure each user makes a satisfying journey once they are on the page and drive towards getting the service they need.

With user experience in mind, we started improving the page layout – adding SEO-friendly content, keyword-rich heading tags, clear and concise CTAs, modern-day design effects, well-optimized responsive images, and last but not the least, optimizing the page for geographic specific.

Since Belleli Doors’ target audience is those who live in Canada, all our SEO efforts were geographical. We created Canada-centric content for its landing “commercial doors repair” “residential doors repair” and more.

B. Fixing Slow Loading Speed

Fixing Slow Loading Speed
Fixing Slow Loading Speed

No one likes a slow-loading website that takes more than 3 seconds. Our team of web developers recognized the opportunity in boosting website speed, fix core web vitals and ensure to achieve a 90+ score on Page speed insights.

We employed all the best practices of page speed optimization such as lazy loading, browser caching, CSS/JS minification, image compression, reducing redirects, and more.

C. Replacing Duplicate Metadata

A compelling meta title and meta description have the power to increase the click-through rate of your organic search results. We found that the metadata of most landing pages of Belleli Doors were duplicates.

So, we focused on writing strong and unique meta titles and meta descriptions which could empower effective SEO practices and increase the chances to organically rank for targeted keywords.

D. Fixing Broken Links

Broken links can harm your SEO gains. Broken links send signals to Google that your website is old and outdated. Therefore, our technical SEOs focused on fixing broken links either by removing the link completely or by replacing the link with a valid link to achieve a quality user experience and a site free from pages that don’t exist.

II. On-page SEO

 On-page SEO

A. Keyword Research Improvements

Keyword research is about finding those terms that are relevant to what your audience is actually searching for. It is often the step first to SEO strategies because without finding the right keywords to write about on your website, all your content efforts would go in vain.

When it came to Belleli Doors, we saw a lack of good quality keyword research which they could leverage their SEO around.

Therefore, we started curating high-volume, less competitive keywords and creating content around them to make the most out of content marketing.

The second we began targeting niche-relevant keywords, we started seeing improvements in competitive advantage within a month.

B. Eliminating Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing in content is considered black hat SEO and could affect your Google Google ranking. It’s best to follow the recommended 1-2% keyword density where you ensure the right number of keywords in the content and do not over-optimizing it.

While analyzing landing pages for BelleliDoors, we found most of the content was stuffed with irrelevant keywords and needed to be optimized for the right keywords. So, we cut out the keywords which were used repeatedly and added the variants.

C. Cutting out Irrelevant & Poorly Written Content

Content has to be of quality. The better the content, the more likely it is to gain visibility and dominate competitors. Our content marketers went through content analysis and came across irrelevant and poorly written content on the site with less to no value.

Thus, we started creating content that focused on user intent and addresses the searcher’s queries. We knew that user intent combined with optimization for search engines would help us in achieving higher SERP rankings.

So, all our blogs and articles were targeted for niche keywords and the market audience. 

E. Fixing Poorly Optimized Images

Images are the crucial site elements that help increase users’ engagement. With poorly optimized images on Belleli Doors, users were likely to bounce back to their search which ended up with an increased bounce rate.

W3speedup made sure all the images are well optimized to load fast while keeping the quality top-notch.

F. Adding Schema Tags

Schema markups make crawling better on Google and help search engines to better understand your content.

So, we checked each page and found out that most pages missed schema tags in them. We added schema markups in order to boost ranking and can get featured in the rich snippets.

III. Off-page SEO

A. From Low-Quality Backlinks to Proven Link building

Backlinks are one of the effective SEO techniques to build domain authority. With our linking-building strategy, we focused on building quality backlinks from trusted platforms to gain higher domain authority and eventually increase page ranking. Backlinking from trusted platforms through guest blogging, business directories, social profiles, etc.

IV. Competition Challenges

A. Competitors with higher domain authority

Our SEO did in-depth competitive research to know more about what leading competitors were doing. Most competitors had higher domain authority and competing with them was a tough row to hoe but we knew with consistent efforts we could gain higher DA and dominate others in the market.

We leveraged the best link-building strategies that ever existed to gain domain authority by contributing to authoritative websites in the niche. This helped us reach and engage new audiences and high-quality backlinks.

B. Competitors with Better Content

Content contributes to marketing significantly. To gain a competitive edge, our content writers and marketers were dedicated to creating quality content consistently and improving what was already created.

We made sure each piece of content aligns with SEO best practices to make sure it is SEO friendly, keyword-rich, engaging, and help users in some way or the other. We researched and decided to fill our weekly content calendar with fresh topics and content upgrades.

Since our content marketing goals were always been to reach the right people, we distributed content on recognized media platforms.

V. Algorithmic Challenges

A. Google Algorithm Updates

Google has been too frequent in its algorithm updates for quite a few months. We invested time in understanding these algorithms and making sure our strategy must be aligned so that we never miss a competitive advantage.

With a helpful content algorithm, Google is now prioritizing content that fulfills user intent and searches queries. Therefore, each piece of content created by us pointed towards helping page visitors.

Results: #1 Rank on Google

Results: #1 Rank on Google

#1 Ranking on Target Keywords

Our all-around SEO strategy made this possible to achieve top keyword ranking for the primary keywords of Belleli Doors including “commercial retail doors” “interior door repair” “interior door installers” and more.

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