Review Revolution: 6 Useful Tips for Creating Compelling Consumer Feedback

Useful Tips for Creating Compelling Consumer Feedback

In the digital age we live in, proper consumer feedback has become an inseparable part of the whole purchasing process. It wields quite a significance on the thoughts and tastes of consumers; it can make a huge difference in sales and overall revenue, and reading them is the second step most people take after finding a proper product they like (the first being finding the product itself). We might argue about the reasons, but in most cases, it’s simple psychology and it simply narrows the gap between consumer expectations and reality. With all this said, the feedback alone heavily relies on communicating a clear, authentic, reliable, and precise message to the consumer. 

We’ll discuss some ideas on how to create proper and compelling feedback

Right Details Matter

As said, being specific in your feedback and including details narrows the gap between imagination and reality. To achieve this, avoid vague sentences and constructions such as “great product”, “ overall good”, “ bad product” or anything that leaves out key details that could otherwise make the product more appealing or create an authentic image of the product itself. So, let’s keep to a review including the product’s characteristics, its many applications, usage, and key features. Set a few examples and include the results if the product went through practical tests.

Right Use Proper Language

Proper language, which we’ve learned in school, is the kind of language articles, books, and magazines are written in. Avoid ambiguous words, as it feels unnatural, and stick to straightforward language that conveys your message without unnecessary fluff. For example, if you’re writing consumer product reviews about a new and trending digital product or software, although it might be compelling to use complicated words and simply just number the many features, uses, specs, etc., after a few lines, your readers will eventually show interest. Instead, keep it clear and simple. “The new XS model offers you all the features of a flagship model for half the price”, precise, clean, and simple!

Right Include Personal Anecdotes

The most “real” experience for any consumer reading the feedback is your own. One way to go about getting feedback is to include interesting anecdotes about the product and whether or not you liked it while using it. You can talk about how the product fits into your life and you’ll add an extra layer of perspective for everyone reading. 

Right Provide Comparisons

A one-on-one comparison of similar products usually gives a great additional perspective to the product’s review. Consumers love seeing how a specific product compares to another with similar characteristics and price. 

Right Update Your Reviews

If anything changes in the quality of the product or if anything similar has come out on the market, update your feedback and provide the consumer with reliable information. This can apply to products that might take a bit of time to reach their full potential. 

Right Mention Positives and Negatives

Similar to mentioning pros and cons, when it comes to writing feedback for consumers, list the positives and negatives. Nobody expects the product to be perfect, so having a realistic set of possible negatives makes the product seem even more appealing.

The key points to follow for proper and concise feedback are language, attention to detail, and a personal touch to make it feel more natural. If you have these in mind while writing the next feedback, be authentic and perfect.

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