Learn: How to Attract More Organic Traffic to Your Site

How to Attract More Organic Traffic to Your Site

Your google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is working great, offering you the right amount of clicks you desire with the right traffic. But you face higher bounce rates and a fleeting audience! Ever wonder why you can’t attract more organic traffic to your site? 

It is because you have failed to attract more organic traffic to your website. The main factor behind this is Google SERPs, which direct organic traffic to your website.

10 Effective ways to attract more organic traffic to your website 

Now, take a glimpse at the following listing of 10 effective ways to grow organic traffic to your website and know what pulls you back from reaching heights: 

1. Utilize social media platforms for boundless reach➲

You know technology is there to push you on the brighter side especially when you use it the right way. Social media is one of them! 

The prominent use of media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. is the source that could help you establish your brand name.

But remember, posting marketing copies or promoting your brand on the following platforms is not enough to increase organic traffic to your website. You need to analyze the trend and the volume of users, target the best three that get the right traffic, and market post attention to keep it on track.  

Another point you should consider is the uniqueness of your writing copies. 

The copied post will do nothing and lead your brand to nowhere. Therefore, make sure to not post the same post on all three selected websites. Use unique posts, offer the subscribe and media sharing buttons, and write read-worthy original content to make it go viral. 

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2. Trigger the audience with trigger words➲ 

There’s a famous quote by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple “Master the Topic, The Message, and the Delivery.” Trust us this powerful quote does wonder if you get the right message behind it. 

To grab the attention of your target audience, you must trigger their nerve with the right trigger words showcasing it on your copy. Originality and content relevancy is key to salesmanship and displays your knowledge and expertise. 

Furnishing the right information is the crux of the message and this is what a successful SEO expert does. Humans are led by emotions and offering them a story that engages their values and dream is the key to success. 

Therefore, be an expert in your niche and use trigger words wisely. Your expertise displays sincerity and builds confidence in your customers even when they are not searching for it. It is one of the quickest ways to generate more organic traffic to your website. 

3. The powerful long tail keyword➲

The powerful long tail keyword

It’s nothing new saying long tail keywords are the most popular ones trusted by many content strategists in every corner of the globe. However, not everyone knows the right way to choose one. How? 

Understand that using specified keywords relevant to the service or product you are promoting is what you must target. Not the one which looks more trendy. The reason is simple “The Relevancy” Google crawlers are built smart to track down what you are up to. The keywords you put in help search engines identify your business as a destination for your specified subject. This helps your business to make a brand presence searched on web platforms. 

It also helps you find ideal customers according to your product. Any keyword-riddle or irrelevant long-tail keywords would lead your business nowhere. So, always select the right keyword according to your business niche and proceed to write accordingly. 

4. Noteworthy content quality➲ 

To remain in the top search of the target audience, you need to post content regularly. Quality is everything when it comes to writing. 

5. Welcome the most popular LSI keywords➲

SEO is a game changer in the digital marketing world and is responsible for driving traffic to your website. After the update on the Google algorithm, it now understands the Latent Semantic Index (LSI) keywords too. So, no old-school SEO tricks work in 2024. 

The inclusion of the hummingbird algorithm affected searches by a whopping 90% google search results. It means the use of LSI keywords is on-trend. 

So, What’s the LSI keyword? In simple terms, LSI keywords are “Synonyms” to any word you use in your content. Let’s take the word “Marketing Planner” as an example, the LSI word for marketing planner would be…

  1. Marketing strategy planner
  2. Network marketing planner
  3. Marketing activities 
  4. Marketing strategy 

If you find it hard to search LSI words according to your topic, then you can switch to a free LSI keyword generator which is great for searching right LSI words. Use effective LSI keywords in your content and watch the free flow of generic traffic on your site. 

6.  Consistency is the key to success➲

Consider posting content every day or week depending on the SEO marketing requirements. Most SEO experts consider posting three to four times a week to increase traffic on their site. 

When you become constant with your posting google favors it by keeping you on top of search and offering increased traffic on your site. Yet, understand that posting and publishing content should not be limited to continuity, but the quality of content along with quantity too. 

7.  Remove least performing old content➲

As you already know, a website ranking is framed based on SERPs. The right content keeps your brand ranked on Google searches. Whereas on the other hand, non-performing old content can make a severe impact on your rankings.

If your content, web page, or business products are discontinued in existence and cannot be upgraded or improvised. It is better to be deleted on time. This is because of the google crawlers. 

Understand how –

Non-working content or a page hinders the search engine experience and left your website before it reaches the main page. It makes constant check and removal essential for a successful website run.   

Removing the least-performing old pages is one of the crucial steps of a successful SEO content strategy. This ensures the ranking of the right web page or content, results in attract more organic traffic to your site and brings you a higher Google ranking.

8. Make use of technological advancements➲ 

YouTube videos, YouTube short videos, and infographics are the right tool if you want to make your brand stand out from all your competitors. Marketing is all about reaching target audiences and delivering what they seek for. 

So, ride your content information to every other marketing platform including tools, and watch your business grow like never before. 

9. Revive and re-posting updated content➲ 

If you got an old content we suggest you revive and re-post it. Why? Because your old posts rank before and over time become outdated. Giving your old post an updated pump will make it attract a great audience number. 

Check what strategy has become outdated over time, what additional information you need to add, and what keywords bring up traffic to your competitors’ sites. Eliminate all such elements from your content and finally update and repost it. 

10. Use Long From Content➲  

In terms of creating long-form content, we understand every content marketer and SEO expert would have a different viewpoint. Some would say writing long-form content is nothing but a fool’s errand with scantly any information in the content. And others would say,  it is a great way to deliver the right information with the right researched data in it. 

Now the point here is what would you choose to drive traffic to your website? The answer is simple to analyze your niece and the type of post you are writing. 

Remember that the determination of ideal content length should be based on the niche you are writing for. The average word count based on the top five niches is:

Different Niches Average Word Length 
Marketing2100 to 2600
Technology1500 to 2400
Finance 2800 to 3600
Travel & Tourism2700 to 3100
Business2500 to 3400

Another point is “The Type of Post” you are writing. Let’s understand it with an example:

  • Regular Posts – 300 to 500 words 
  • Listicle Articles– 1500 to 2500 words 
  • Power Page/Content Pillar – 3500 to 7500 words 
  • Explainers Post – 1100 to 2000 words 

The longer your post gets, the better your blog ranks. Both factors are crucial to ensure the right word length of the content. Since the average shows over 2000+ word length, we suggest you go with the long-form content depending on the niche and topic. 

In a Nutshell

So, as we stated earlier, it might take time to get your site to succeed in attract more organic traffic on your site, especially when your site is new. But you’ll get success in the future gradually. Be consistent with your blog postings, gel it up with the right information, and long-form content, and sprinkled it with a long tail keyword and you will be good to go for success over your competitors.

Trust us, our SEO team’s personal experience has taught them to keep up work with patience focusing more on the best info-driven, read-worthy in-depth content. Along with using different medium platforms and the right SEO techniques that help them to reach a better audience and acquire loyal blog readers.

 We would love to see your site succeeding so, do try out the above effective ways to get organic traffic on your website and see your business bloom like never before.


What is organic traffic? 

The term organic traffic indicates the visitor who lands on your webpage organic i.e. unpaid, through web search results. 

What makes getting organic traffic worth all your attention? 

One of the biggest reasons for focusing more on organic traffic is that it’s cost-free and assures you long-run success. You can also get exposure to the sales funnel, better brand awareness, and more stable and relevant audiences. That means no high-payment PPCs to attract short-term fleeting audiences, just better branding. 

How long does it take to get organic traffic on your site? 

Keeping everything in concern, getting organic traffic typically takes three to five months to deliver the result. Despite the fact that increasing traffic takes more time, there are plenty of ways you can keep in check to attract more organic traffic to your site effectively. 

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