Top Brands in the World Using WordPress Actively

Top Brands in the World Using WordPress Actively

WordPress is by far the most popular content management software in existence. A good reason to believe that is because it currently powers over 35% of the web and among the top brands in the world are using WordPress actively. That means over 35% of the websites are built using WordPress or use WordPress as their Content Management System. That is a big number, so surely, some popular brands must be using WordPress.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management software in existence. A good reason to believe that is because it currently powers over 35% of the web and among the top brands in the world are using WordPress actively.

We’ve put together a list of big and popular brands using WordPress. You’ll see brands from all kinds of business domains in this list. That’ll give you an estimate of the popularity and extensive applicability of WordPress CMS. We use IsItWP to test whether the sites mentioned are using WordPress or not.
Here is the list, in no particular order:


Time magazine

Time magazine is one of the most widely recognized and read magazines in the world with a readership of over 25 million. They publish on pretty much every topic you can imagine and the landing page has a lot of content on it.

As you can imagine such a website, most likely, has a great number of authors and full-time staff. It must certainly help to have WordPress when publishing so much content produced by a large number of authors which is then checked by multiple editors. They also have a subscription model for viewing premium content.

2. TechCrunch


Minimalistic and well-organized, the website of the world’s leading technology blog is also based on WordPress.

The emphasis of this serious website is put on speed and impeccable performance, rather than style. So it makes sense to keep the content as simple and readable as possible.

3. Sony Music


Sony Music is the owner of the world’s best and most successful music contracts. They are the recording habitat of the most famous tracks with the biggest titans of the world music history of all genres.

The website has a clean design with sections like Featured Artists, Featured Videos, and Latest News. It provides a fast and smooth user experience.

4. The New York Times

the new york times Using WordPress actively

New York Times is a leading news media website and company of the United States. From breaking news in the world of politics to the edgiest publications and art exhibitions, from the achievements of science to sport news, the New York Times covers absolutely every topic on its ultra-popular WordPress website.

The website has an impressive Hero scene layout that greets you when you open it. You can find the top stories in this layout and scroll for more stories.

5. The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones also Using WordPress

The Rolling Stones’ official website is a feast to the eyes. Impeccable graphics, seamless transitions, and effortless navigation makes this website extremely pleasing to use.

All the music, news, tour dates, the official Rolling stones store, and more can be found on the minimalistic and easy-to-use website of the legends.

6. The Walt Disney Company

the walt disney company Using WordPress cms

Disney keeps moving and surprising its devotees. So pay a visit to this website to learn about new or returning characters, the company’s charitable initiatives, and so much more.

This is a nicely built WordPress website with all that you want to know about the Walt Disney Company.

7. Microsoft News Center

microsoft news center Using WordPress

The Microsoft News Center is also built using WordPress. This website is an official hub for all the latest Microsoft news, updates, upcoming events, and more.

You can find articles and blogs on all kinds of topics. The site shows all the posts in a card format which is easy to read and quick to navigate.

8. ProBlogger

problogger - top using wordPress cms actively

ProBlogger is an absolutely great read for any freelance writer or Internet marketer. The website has a blog, podcast content, ebooks, and an incredibly popular job board.

You might not be very impressed by the site’s design, but you’ll be amazed at how successful the website has been when it comes to connecting with audiences and attracting the right type of visitors. This is a fairly straightforward approach when creating what is essentially a blog that offers professional advice, tutorials, and tips. The simplicity probably has a lot to do with their success.

Final Words

We hope we’ve sufficiently demonstrated how WordPress can be used and how wide a spectrum of purposes and business niches WordPress can handle. It is unlikely that the site you want to create can not be best achieved with WordPress as the Content Management System.

If you are yet to create your first website or blog then we suggest you look no further. You have a wealth of knowledge available here on W3SpeedUp and across the web to help you do just that.

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