5 Tips for Building a Diverse and Natural Backlink Profile

Top 5 Strategies for Creating Organic Backlink Profile

Whether you’re choosing to pay for links on your site or to manually build a list, backlinking is becoming more and more important to help any business thrive. Although it’s supposed to look like you’re gaining links naturally, that’s not how the Internet actually works. Search engines are also making it more difficult for site owners to gain links naturally, since there are many untrustworthy sites out there. Instead, you can apply these tips to building your site so that your link profile appears to be as natural as possible.

5 Steps to Create a Rich and Natural Backlink Profile

Right 1. Vary Your Anchor Texts

Some of the best link building agencies will tell you that varying your anchor texts will not only create more diversity in the content of your site, but the content is less likely to be flagged and removed from search engines. Focusing on only one anchor text will also reduce the number of sites that you want to link to. Try out a few varieties of search terms to figure out what anchor texts would work best for your site’s content.

Right 2. Get All Different Types of Links

There are many different kinds of backlinks; editorial ones tend to be the best. Try to get these incorporated into your site, but don’t let them be your only focus. Try to gain links from blogrolls, directory listings, sponsorships, resource-based pages, and social media sites, just to name a few. Basically, look at any site that would make sense for your site to be listed or mentioned there.

Right 3. Don’t Focus on Just Pages with High PageRank

Not every site that links to yours is going to have a high page rank, and that’s why it’s important to diversify. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask site owners for backlinks to yours or even pay for backlinks from pages that are deemed to be good quality and indexed. The more your site gets out there, the better.

Right 4. Stay Away From Link Schemes

Link schemes are one of the best ways for your site to be removed from search engine results. Avoid link programs and sites that have spammy “submit site” or “add URL” suggestions, as your site will only end up lost in the crowd of other sites that are there. Search engines will see this as an attempt to increase your site’s popularity in a way that doesn’t speak much about the quality of your content. You’ll end up backlinked on sites that aren’t even in the same sphere, which wouldn’t make sense to an Internet surfer.

Right 5. Don’t Forget Your Inner Pages

The campaign for your site shouldn’t solely focus on gaining links to your homepage. You should also focus on inner pages as well, where the meat of your content is, so that people can easily reach your content from other sites. In no time, your inner pages will start to garner even more interest.

Creating a natural backlink profile actually takes more work than people realize. You should focus more on the quality of the backlinks you have instead of the quantity, though quantity does help in some respects. If you’re still struggling to help your website gain attention, then consider the advice of a backlink building agency to help you out.

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