How to Optimize Product Pages in Shopify

How to Optimize Product Pages in Shopify

Being a Shopify store merchant comes with great responsibility. From page design to the product listing, you need to take care of every detail fine-tuned up with your business to ensure consistent growth in sales, better user experience, and increases conversation rates.

Your product pages are displaying the product information and encourage customers to cart your products. Keeping them well-optimized is key to achieving your business goals. That’s where Shopify product page optimization tips and strategies come in place which allows you to level up your Shopify SEO.

If you are struggling to optimize your Shopify product pages, this guide is for you. We are Shopify website optimization experts, optimizing hundreds of sites to help rank them higher and increase Google traffic. Follow our expert-recommended tips and witness your eCommerce product pages become highly converting.

10 Tips for optimize product pages in Shopify

Here are 10 tips to help you optimize your Shopify product pages: 

1. Make your CTA clear and visible

You want customers to hit buy on your product page to buy from you. Optimizing the add-to-cart button on the page plays a vital role in making sure you’ve made your call to action clear and visible. Ensure the area around the button is cleared from all distractions to make the page appear uncluttered.

With optimized CTA, users landed on the page are more likely to get converted into potential customers. If somewhat content disturbs the button, consider sending your page for a redesign.

Don’t try to be too smart when naming CTAs, keep it simple, and direct. The chances are your visitors would complete their buying journey until they don’t get confused.

2. Ensure a great product photography

Product photographs are the most important assets on the product pages of an eCommerce store. Your product images aren’t only limited to the product pages but go far beyond since they are also used when you invest in search ads, social ads, and other brand campaigns you do online.

So, make sure you invest in a professional photographer and designer who can help you provide high-quality photos that will leave users’ eyes open.

Since your customers can’t really see, touch, or try your products in real life before they buy, solid product photos and page visuals have the convincing power to convert users into potential customers.

As a result of quality images, not only you’ll see a boost in the search engine rankings, but it also helps take your overall branding to another level.

3. Build quality backlinks

Link building is a proven way to increase leads on your e-commerce site. Backlinks are a great way to leverage link building strategy for your products and help boost authority. Make sure to get links from the high authority websites back to your eCommerce store or product pages.

The more backlinks you’ll have, the more you’ll likely achieve top rankings. Apart from authority, website traffic and relevance are also crucial factors to take into consideration.

Simply, contact and ask trusted businesses and websites to link to you in exchange for content.

4. Justify product price with adequate details

For a product at a low price point, the details would be less than that of luxury products. When it’s a luxury product, you’ll need to ensure the product page comprises adequate details that can justify the price.

When your product is simple with a rather high price point, make sure to have a copy that could help you back up that price. Write a proper explanation of the product with a highly detailed description.

Often merchants think their customers would know about the products as much as they do but that’s not true. To provide the quality and value of your product, do everything that’s in your hand.

No matter whether you’re a premium brand or not, make sure you have enough information that would answer your customers’ questions.

5. Optimize page loading speed


Speed is the google ranking factor now. While a fast-loading site can help you improve user experience and conversion rate, a slow product page could cost you higher bounce rates.

So, when it comes to product page optimization on Shopify, don’t forget to improve website loading time. You can do this by CSS minification, image optimization, and minimizing unnecessary scripts from your page. You can also consider opting for quality hosts instead of shared hosting servers.

6. Have enough content for the customers

Content has always been a crucial factor for brand awareness. You need to provide enough content for every customer, whether they have knowledge of what you sell or they’re just starting to learn about your products.

The content you’ll provide has a powerful impact when catering to the needs of customers, displayed by your products and pages.

From conveying the background knowledge to telling your unique brand story, create content that resonates with the customers and the voice of your brand. Write down the product features that speak to the consumer benefits. We are living in the era of video where short clips have mass user consumption and can easily be used to condense lots of complex details.

7. Define your brand on a product page

Create a well-branded product page. Make sure your brand is well-defined across all your products. Branding isn’t just about social media graphics and your logo. It comprises everything you stand for, who you serve, and why you do what you do.

As soon as a visitor lands on the product page, they should know what your brand is all about in a matter of seconds. That most of their referrals were going straight to the product page so they optimized the copywriting and product page design to highlight their brand as soon as you land on the page.

If you’ve got referrals from the brand’s social media accounts, the first thing a user would have seen is your product page. So, it’s best to optimize your copywriting and product page design to keep your brand in the absolute best light with clean visuals.

8. Add customer reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are the trust factors for new customers. Promote customers to leave a review or feedback on their experience with your products. you can feature these reviews on your product page to help you optimize Shopify for word-of-mouth marketing.

New customers want to know what people think about your products so that they can get a sense of the right investment of their money while deciding to purchase your products. That’s why nothing is more helpful than adding customer reviews and ratings when optimizing product pages. In fact, when two product pages are A/B tested, we can clearly see a 12% increase in the purchase on a product page that showcases reviews.

9. Showcase brand certifications

Certified brands are more likely to be trusted by customers. Showcasing all the certificates your brand has is vital to product page optimization in Shopify.

Trust badges and certificates tend to convert a high number of users into potential buyers. Both USPs and certifications would leave a great impact in making your product pages become high converting and customer generating. Keep in mind, you can’t do any false claim for the sake of representing your brand trusted, it is strictly against the law.

10. Optimize for mobile-friendly visuals

In the consistent increase in mobile usage, optimizing product pages for mobile viewers can be beneficial to Shopify sales. Mobile optimization has become profitable for an eCommerce store because more and more people are browsing on their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile shopping has been increasing exponentially since users can order from anywhere and anytime. Products have come to our fingertips. This is why Google considers mobile-friendly websites a ranking factor. Mobile optimized eCommerce store can be done by ensuring that all of your content is quickly accessible from a single page and has a responsive design layout.

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