What Makes Data Analytics A Valuable Skill For SEO Marketers?

Data Analytics Skill For SEO Marketers

With more modern day professionals recognising the value of developing tech skills, enrollment rates in programmes like software engineering, digital marketing, and data analytics courses have well and truly been on the rise. While mastering data analytics is crucial for SEO marketers to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions, it’s also important to ensure the business behind the website is structured properly. Finding the best place to get an llc  can provide the legal backbone needed for any successful marketing venture. That being said, it’s common for many professionals to feel a little stuck when looking for tech disciplines they’d like to dabble in. And the more you engage with the tech sector, the more you realise just how expansive it can be.

The first factors that most people consider are average salaries and employment rates between different tech disciplines. Even just a minimal amount of research here will reveal that software engineers stand to earn big bucks, with a potential downside being the lack of diversity in programming roles. Wherever you go, you’ll likely be spending all your time writing and editing code or communicating with clients. Contrastingly, digital marketers can enjoy a pretty eclectic career trajectory, even though it can take a bit more time to start earning a salary that’s fitting of their highly technical and creative skills. 

Compared to other tech sector skills, professionals with a firm grasp of data analytics can actually enter a whole range of industries, including SEO marketing, but also consulting, financial services, ICT, and more.

Here are just a few ways that data analytics has solidified itself as the one of the most versatile disciplines in SEO marketing today.

Applicability to campaigns from all modern industries 

As we mentioned earlier, data analytics as a discipline isn’t just limited to one career pathway. There are countless ways to use a data analytics qualification in this digital age of industry, and a variety of different career pathways that you can take. 

With that, digital marketers who have strong data analytics skills are actually equipped to work on a wide range of different client campaigns. You could work for the public and private sector, as well as different industries within those sectors, including medicine, national security, computer programming, networking, and a plethora of other STEAM/STEM-oriented fields and artistic fields as well.

On top of this, data analytics professionals have the liberty of selecting from a wide range of analytics specialties, like quantitative analytics, AI and cognitive analytics, or present themselves as a ‘jack of all trades’ by engaging with the four different types of business analytics and applying this and other analytical methodologies to whichever campaigns they may find themselves contributing to.

This opportunity to tailor your career pathway to suit your own personal and professional interests is one of the major reasons why a growing number of SEO marketers are recognising analytics as one of the #1 skills that they can develop today.

Analytics as a strong foundation for tech entrepreneurship 


Not looking to work for a large, faceless marketing agency? Keen to be your own boss? Well then your data analytics skills could be highly beneficial here as well. Poor decision-making and uninformed strategising has proven itself to be one of the most major downfalls for SEO marketing startups in the modern day. After all, there is more to running a successful marketing business than knowing how to increase your reviews on Google. And SEO entrepreneurs who don’t possess enough business acumen to respond to evolving industry trends will naturally find their agencies falling to the wayside as their competitors continue to make growth moves.

In this regard, the best weapon that an ambitious entrepreneur can have at their disposal is a keen eye for analysing and assessing data. An entrepreneur who’s able to independently understand the information that’s presented to them through their analytical tools, will organically have a leg up on their competitors. In other words, communications entrepreneurs with proficiency in data analysis can ensure that their companies stay as agile and ready as possible in their earliest developmental phases, and this agility could very well be the key to that burgeoning business’ eventual success.

A future of data-driven decision-making

Last but not least, with the arrival of the digital age and the rapid transformation of industry technologies, the importance of engaging with and disseminating findings from big data companies has quickly become public knowledge shared by virtually all modern business owners. This is precisely why many businesses are now allocating financial resources solely for their own in-house data analytics processes. 

The best way for modern business owners to grow their enterprises is by centering their business growth strategising on findings derived from data analysis. Even digital marketing campaigns are more likely to be data-driven now than ever before, using evidence-based approaches to reaching a client’s target demographic. In doing so, digital marketers can make sure that their campaign development and growth decision-making processes are always data-driven and thus, prepared for real-world industry and economic contexts.

As data-driven decision-making is sure to become standard practice across the digital age, it’s safe to say that SEO marketers with digital analytics skills won’t have very many issues finding professional opportunities over the foreseeable future. Talk about a future-proof career pathway!

A career in digital marketing doesn’t necessarily have to keep you in the tech sector, even if you do decide to hone technical skills like data analysis. With analytics becoming a primary concern for businesses operating out of all industries, proficiency with data analytics can effectively be your key to a highly enriching and rewarding career that’ll see you working in an expansive array of professional settings.


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