Should You Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel in 2024? (Beginner’s Guide)

Blog vs YouTube Channel Which one should You Start

Dreaming to earn millions? This could be the greatest desire of almost every human in this monetizing verse. But where should you start? To get this answer for you, let me ask the right question. “Where are you now?

Honestly, it doesn’t matters. No matter where you are, whether you are on your couch, bed, office, kitchen,  workspace, school, or traveling somewhere, you can earn from anywhere through your own online business. A detailed guide about online SaaS tools and gaming and blogging can be found at .

What comes to your mind by this “online“? Websites, eCommerce, Digital marketing, or Social media. Right? But what’s the best?

Blogging and YouTubing are two of the most popular options for beginners and trending everywhere. But which one should you choose in this current era?

Should you start a Blog vs Youtube Channel in 2024? A simple question to ask yet tricky to answer. But no worries. I am going to help you here with all the arguments, facts, and tactics that you really need to know.


Blogging And YouTubing: An Overview

In blogging, you have to talk with your words, not your voice. You have to write and publish at least 600-1500 words of the blog with quality visuals daily for better growth.

On the other side, Youtubing relates to the making of video content for the YouTube platform. It may sound simple task to do but is it that simple?

Many Bloggers have their own youtube channel and many YouTubers have their own blog websites. Should I start a blog or YouTube channel first?

As a blogger, your website has full ownership of yours but as a YouTuber, you are streaming on another site, Both have their own pros and cons.


Should You Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel in 2024? Choosing-Between-Blog-And-Youtube


Things To Figure Out While Choosing Between Blog And Youtube

Things are easy when you have a good knowledge of what you have to point out before committing to any investment. So here’s a brief Q&A for you.


1. Which Is More Comfortable?

Your Comfort Matters! The very first thing is to make sure that you feel natural, unforced, and comfortable. If you’re an introvert, and a camera-shy person but an excellent writer, blogging is your aid with a simple task.

In case, if you’re in love with the camera or you love talking, making videos can be more convenient.




2. Which One Is Compatible With Your Niche?

Niche matters as well as competition. Suppose you want to start a Gaming blog, which will engage people. A written text or a video? Here Youtube is the wise option.

But for some niches such as Health, SEO, Finance, and many others, having a blog becomes necessary for better audience understanding and engagement.

Some profitable niches are pet care, health, SEO, music, business, online money-making, and so on.


3. What Fits Right With Your Desired Goals And Strategy?


Should You Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel in 2024? Desired Goals And Strategy

If you have goals to earn money via affiliates, sponsorships, advertisements, newsletters, subscriptions, or funding, you have to think a bit deeper. Blogs have all these monetizing options to integrate but Youtube videos can bound you with Adsense only. In this landscape, growing your high-interest savings becomes paramount. To enhance your financial strategy, consider incorporating the best high-yield savings account available.

Digital marketing or affiliates can also run with Youtube’s description box but the “clickbait strategy” won’t be that effective. Also, if you want to run ads, Google will be pricey here.

In case, your goal is to go with your hobby and passion, any of these can work wonderfully with you.


4. What Is The Ease Of Running?


What Is The Ease Of Running

How easily you are running your content matters more than how easily you started. Broadly, Blogging is much easy to continue in the long term.

You can edit or update it anytime if you forget to add something or make a mistake. It saves your time and effort as you don’t have to make another post for the same topic.

Making a 10-minute video can take up to 10 hours of struggle in editing, modifications, or clip addition. The sad part is you can’t edit the uploaded video.

Tracking and Analyzing public demand, audience information, and competitors can be done through multiple tools such as Semrush, Keyword Planner, or Search Console for blogs.


5. Which One Earns More?

It’s uncertain as it depends on how greatly you monetized your channel or blog. A blogger’s average salary varies between $40,000-$50,000 while a YouTuber marks it at $60,004 per year.


Why Blogging Is Better Than YouTube


1. High Audience Than YouTube

Is blogging dead? If you think like that, let me tell you that over 77% of people are still reading blogs and 89.3 billion of average monthly Google searches, i.e. It is an excellent source of audience.

Looking at youtube, it’s the second largest search engine after Google. But the number of 2.1 billion average monthly visitors, is too far to catch up.


2. Low Setup Cost Than YouTube

To start a blog, you need a blog site. And for a blog site, you need web hosting and a domain costing you as low as $5 per month. Many server hosts provide multiple freebies and unlimited packages with 50-90% off on your initial invoice.

However, if you add CDN, site-builder paid themes & plugins, or other add-ons it can cost $50 to hundreds of dollars in a month.

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel is a free service costing nothing but a jaw-dropping multi-dollar investment on cameras, microphones, and other equipment for a beatable profile.




3. Best For Building A Brand

It’s a beneficial option for those who want to build an online brand or any side business. People trust authentic sites ranking on top Google search pages rather than YouTube.

Also, you can hire interns, freelancers, and other writers at your budget payroll to build a team to work under your brand tone.

Building a brand with Youtube can be tough as the assistant manpower in recording, editing, or optimizing has comparatively high pay and low productivity.


Should You Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel in 2024?


Why YouTube Is Better Than Blogging

Is it too late to start YouTube in 2024? No, you can still start with a good strategy and quality content.

Is It Worth Starting A YouTube Channel In 2024? Look at the argument below to get it.


1. Less Competition

There are 1.13 billion websites but only 202 million sites are active. 113.9 million YouTube channels but only 51 million channels are running.

Here the competition becomes less and the chances of rapid reach become high.


2. Fast Growth Than Blogging

Although, it is tough to predict how Youtube is ranking your content. But by following easy guidelines and engaging quality content you can earn views and views can earn subscribers as well as a good fan following.

The average growth rate is 1000 subscribers/year for YouTube which can’t be expected in blogging initially. Also, making on-demand videos can make millions of views overnight.


3. Much Public Interest Than Blogs

Over 5 billion video streams are watched by 122 million users daily on YouTube. This data shows how much the audience loves video content these days. Have you seen yourself wasting hours watching TikTok, IG Reels, or YouTube Shorts?

Also, you can see the ranking of Youtube videos on the search results of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Edge, and other engines.


4. No Need For Any High Technical Knowledge Than Blogging

Blogging requires a basic to high technical knowledge of SEO, web development, UX/UI, and programming depending on the customization level.

Youtube also requires some but comparatively less.


Bottom Line

Blog or Vlog, the conclusion of this confusion ultimately depends on your preferences, goals, and your expertise. Both are the flip of a coin that’s called content creation which is a rewarding and fulfilling pursuit.

I hope all the above discussion helped you in making your decision. Have a nice day!

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