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Amazing stuff, 3rd time i use W3speedup and perfect each time.

Amazing stuff, 3rd time i use W3speedup and perfect each time.

True Commerce

Perfect speed optimization for our WP site. Thank you!

Perfect speed optimization for our WP site. Thank you!

Devin Parrick

Once again amazing job done by W3speedup on my website  for speed optimization. 

Once again amazing job done by W3speedup on my website  for speed optimization. 

True Commerce

Excellent work carried out on our site to improve its speed. Really happy with the..[Read More]

Excellent work carried out on our site to improve its speed. Really happy with the results!

Lucy Ross

Thank you for yet another outstanding job!

Thank you for yet another outstanding job!

Todd Kovalsky
king kesia art

W3speedUp helped me speed up my shopify store. they were responsive, efficient, and clear..[Read More]

W3speedUp helped me speed up my shopify store. they were responsive, efficient, and clear communicator. The work was done EXTREMELY well, and on time. I wish everyone I worked with was this effective! Would definitely work with W3speedup again.

Berkeley Malagon

W3speedup  Core Strengths

Guaranteed 90+ Score

Fix performance issues & guarantee 90+ score on Google PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop. Making real user experience best possible.

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are the health standards for a website. We boost health by optimizing FCP, LCP, CLS, & FID & help pass the assessment on Google PSI.

Instant Chat Support

No matter what’s in your mind, get answers to all your queries instantly from web experts via chat.

100% Money-Back

Either we deliver what we promise or we provide 100% refund. Each service entails 100% money-back guarantee.

Guaranteed 2 secs Load Time

The faster your site loads, the lower the bounce rate. We optimize speed to secure less than 3 seconds of page load time in GTMetrix.

10+ Years Experience

The team behind site speed optimization are specialists with over 10 years of hands-on experience to transform digital experience.

speed up shopify site


  • We carry 10 Years Of Experience in Shopify Speed Optimization
  • Upto 90+ Score OR Guaranteed Full Refund!
  • Guaranteed less than 3 secs Load Time with A-Grade in GTmetrix!
  • Guaranteed No break-in Shopify functionality and design!

Shopify Page Speed Timeline



Shopify Page Speed Plans



Shopify Page Speed Timeline


2-3 Days

Shopify Page Speed optimization in 24 hours

90+ Score

A one-second reduction in the load time can boost
your Shopify Store Conversions by 1% to 7%!

shopify page speed optimization

Get your Core Web Vitals Optimized!

Our Shopify Experts Can Fix Your Core Web Vitals & Improve Your UX To Make Your Store Excel As Per The New Google Update!

This metric measures how quickly your Shopify store responds to a user’s first interaction. This could be as simple as clicking a link on your website. A high FID score shows that a site responds quickly to user interaction and is thus very responsive. A slow and lagging website irritates the user, forcing them to close your window and look for a better site.

CLS evaluates the visual stability of your website. As in determining how quickly and gracefully something moves around on the page screen while it loads. For example, suppose you click on a button and something else happens as a result of the page’s instability. Does this sound familiar? Nothing is more annoying than trying to click a button while slow-loading advertising appears in the same place.

LCP measures the time it takes for the largest piece of content to display on the screen like a heavy image or a paragraph of text. A good rating creates the impression that your site loads swiftly to your visitors. A slow website can be extremely aggravating. We only commit to make LCP less than 3 on mobile and green on Desktop.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Having good scores on Google PageSpeed is very important since it has an impact on site’s SEO from two angles: mobile performance and user experience. For most site owners, having their website appear in Google’s top search results is a major goal. And if GPSI shows that you have a bad score then you should not ignore that bad score at all.

GTmetrix Score

For many site owners, a good grade on GT-Metrix matters over GPSI, which is an individual choice but eventually, it is always advisable to have your site optimized and keep the scores high in both GT-Metrix as well as on GPSI. A smart site owner would never ignore either of the two.

Lighthouse Score

Lighthouse is an open-source auditing tool that helps in the improvement of web pages and applications. Performance, accessibility, best practices, & Progressive Web Applications are all areas where audits are undertaken. It allows Product Managers and Quality Assurance teams to assess & understand the speed of a website fast & easily. Lighthouse provides practical recommendations on how to improve your performance.

speed up Shopify store

Step we take to speed up your shopify store

  • Minify HTML, JS, & CSS Files.
  • Defer & Async Javascript & CSS delivery.
  • CDN Optimizations for Shopify.
  • App Analysis & Old App Code Removal.
  • Image optimization and lazy loading setup.
  • Dynamic Scaling of Images.
  • Reduce Page DOM Size, etc.

Did you know “Your site has 3 seconds to impress its visitors else 54% of visitors will close the tab and switch to your competitor who yields quick results”

We can assist you in increasing customer retention and decreasing bounce rates to new levels.

Contact Us
Right Away If You.

  • Want more traffic to your Shopify Store!
  • Want to provide a better User Experience!
  • Want to have your Shopify Store rank on Top Google Search Engine Rankings!
improve shopify site speed
shopify speed optimization service

World Class Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Our Shopify speed optimization services will increase the speed of your Shopify site, impressing visitors and increasing your conversion rates

What Do You Get After Our

Shopify PowerHouse Store

Shopify PowerHouse Store

Improved Organic Traffic.
Giant Companies & Famous Brands never compromise on their Shopify Store Speed, Think Big!

Better SEO

Better SEO

Better Google Page Score means Better Google Rankings means Better SEO means Better User Traffic.

Optimized Shopify Stores for high conversion rate

Improved Conversions Rates

Optimized Shopify Stores observe a high conversion rate from visitor to customer and that leads to more checkouts in your carts.

Higher Sales after shopify optimization

Higher Sales

To increase your brand’s revenue, avoid abandoned carts, and checkouts go for Shopify Optimization.

Better User Experience after Speed optimization

Better User Experience

Customers will have a better experience if your website is a PowerHouse of Speed & Quick User Search Query Results! And quality UX is the backbone of the CWVs. So, your store low-key also qualifies as per new Google Update.

Dedicated Support Team for shopify speed

Dedicated Support Team

Our team of experts have optimized 1,100+ Shopify stores for speed & improved their sales.



$ 200 USD

$300 USD

90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

65+ Google Mobile Speed Test

Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

Same design and functionality

Detailed SEO Audit Report


$ 350 USD

$500 USD

90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

80+ Google Mobile Speed Test

Upto 3 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

Same design and functionality

Detailed SEO Audit Report


$ 600 USD

$800 USD

Core Web Vitals(LCP will be less than 3s)

90+ Google Desktop Speed Test

90+ Google Mobile Speed Test

Upto 2 secs Load time on Gtmetrix

May require design and functionality change

Detailed SEO Audit Report


We will request collaborator access to only the theme files, no further access is necessary after you have ordered our services. We’ll begin optimizing your Shopify site, achieve the committed results, and deliver the results in 2 days. The optimization timeline may be extended to 5 days as per the complexity of the site.

Of course, in addition to our prudent company policies, we have a lot of experience with Shopify speed optimization and have worked with a lot of clients that serve thousands of people every day. Please see the reviews page for further information.

The live theme is not something we work on. To avoid any downtime, we work on the preview mode by creating a clone of your theme. We test changes before applying them to ensure that there are no errors. We’ll provide you a preview link so you can check out the site before it goes live, and we’ll make it live once you approve it.

No way, we’re not going to modify anything about the design or the site’s functionality. Our work doesn’t break your design or functionality. We never prioritize user experience over speed, and we never make changes without your permission throughout the optimization process.

When we make updates, they’ll be reflected across the entire website, including product pages and categories; as a result, you’ll get more than you bargained for.

Yes, without a doubt. We know that Google focuses on mobile page speed, so we always keep the mobile page speed in the scope of work and deliver results according to the purchase of the service by you.

In most circumstances, we offer the required results in 2 to 3 working days, but depending on the complexity of the site, it may take up to 5 days.

The adjustments we make are permanent, but if you add any new functionality or new extension, it may be necessary to re-optimize. We also provide speed maintenance services, in which we will keep your site’s speed up to date in accordance with your revisions.

Yes, we provide help for two weeks following the end of the project. Although we rarely hear about any issues from our clients after we’ve completed our optimization; instead, we only get positive feedback, if you do have any problems, we’ll be pleased to help you for the next two weeks from the date of the project completion.

Every time you use a popular speed insight tool, your speed score and loading time will change. Because the loading time and page speed score are influenced by a number of factors, including server response time and third-party resources such as adverts or tracking snippets, this is the case. The best way to check the site speed is to run the analysis 3 times and then take the average.

Contact us right away, our Shopify Experts are just one click away to resolve your doubts.

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