9 easy and unique steps to increase your Upwork Clients

1. One of the finest things you can do to gain more work on Upwork is to enhance your profile.

2. Get expertise in your single niche instead of running for all kinds of projects.

3. Keep track of all of your previous projects and offer them to clients in a way that is appealing and more approachable. 

4. Deliver your best services along with a few complimentary additional benefits to improve customer happiness and produce high-quality work.

5. Act professionally in front of clients and optimise your profile.

6. Increase your visibility on other social media platforms to attract additional clients.

7. Be very active on Upwork and don't give up if you don't acquire clients right away.

8. Build good and long term relations with your clients as this may lead to referals from their industry as well ask them to give reviews on your profile.

9.  When you begin receiving projects and gain portal experience, buy more connections to increase the number of bids you receive.