Right Ways to Increase Domain Authority

1. Get listed in directories

Getting your domain listed in multiple online directories is a high-impact and cost-effective way to raise your domain authority for small and local businesses.

2. Write great content

Write a great keyword-targeted post that ranks, and a blogger or business looking to write about that topic will discover your post in their research.

3. Contribute guest posts

Another great way to boost your DA is to contribute blog posts, original research or thought leadership to other important, high-DA websites in your field.

4. Invest in public relations

 Earning links in well-known publications is key to competing against other websites with really high Domain Authority scores.

5. Try broken link building

Broken link building may help you find link opportunities to raise your DA scores, despite being a more complex strategy that calls for the use of backlink tools.

6. Reduce low quality backlinks

Not every link is created equally. Getting high-quality links and removing low-quality ones are necessary to raise your domain authority score.