Biggest Announcements From Google So Far This Year

Launch of Google Ads Transparency Center

This was created to make it quick and simple for users to learn more about the advertisements they see throughout the google ecosystem.

Google Ads deprecating most attribution models

Your conversion actions will be automatically migrated into the Data-Driven model if they are still using first-click, linear, position-based, or time decay attribution.

Google introduces Duet AI for Workspace

Google also revealed a new name for the AI toolkit it's bringing to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Gmail during the I/O keynote: Duet AI.

Bard is now available to everyone

Speaking of Bard, Google recently declared that anyone can now use its AI-powered chatbot, regardless of whether they were on the waitlist.

Brand restrictions for Search and Performance Max

If you choose not to bid on brand terms, Performance Max's tool will assist you in doing so, allowing you to focus on this campaign's goal of increasing your customer base.

The launch of the revamped Google Home app

The overhauled app comes with some major improvements, including a better camera interface, a new Favorites tab, and support for a ton of new device types.

Developments on ad prices from Google’s antitrust trial

Google reluctantly admitted that it "frequently" raised the price of some search ad queries without necessarily informing advertisers in order to meet its ad revenue targets.

Google Search gets AI-powered “snapshots”

When you choose to use the new Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature, you'll begin to see AI-powered responses at the very top of some search results.