Offer customers an exclusive preview

People like exclusivity because it sparks interest and gives them a sense of being part of something greater.

Use a special introductory offer

You can offer your new product or service as a part of a specific opening offer instead of just announcing it.

Make use of Google Business Profile

If you have a Google Business account, you may utilize your profile to promote your new product or service in several ways.

Run a social media contest

Beginning social media contests is a simple, enjoyable method to engage customers and grow the audience and following.

Spread the word via email

You might run a sequence of emails leading up to the launch day as part of an email campaign dedicated to this new offering.

Write a blog post

Writing a blog post about the recently released product is a great way to go into great detail about all of its features and advantages.

Host an event

Events are an excellent way to win over new prospects as customers by getting them to interact with you or your business employees in person. 

Allow trade-ins

Trade-in rewards work well because customers are more likely to use a token or credit they already own to purchase a new product.

Share customer reviews

allowing your customers to do the discussing for you is one of the best ways to market your business overall and to offer new products or services.

Post on social media

Make sure to share information about your offers and discounts on social media if you're utilizing any of these methods to market your new good or service.