How to Make Images Load Faster On WordPress

1. Compress Your Images

The most effective way to reduce an image's size and make sure your page loads quickly is to use image compression.

2. Choose The Correct Image Dimensions

Correctly sizing photos for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices is another effective way to speed up the loading time on a website.

3. Serve Responsive Images

Another method for faster image delivery is to use responsive images. Optimizing images for the size of the user's screen keeps them responsive.

4. Convert Images to the Best Format

Image formats like AVIF and WebP are the best for website speed. Both of them offer better compression over conventional PNG or JPEG.

5. Implement Image Lazy Loading

Instead of loading every image in the user's viewport, lazy loading loads just the ones that are actually needed.

6. Enable Browser Caching

One of the best optimization strategies to guarantee multi-photo page loads quickly is image caching.

7. Replace Animated GIFs with Videos

Your website's loading speed could improve if you turn an animated GIF into a video. an a.mp4 video file weighs far less than a GIF.

8. Use an Image CDN

A CDN helps resolve multiple PageSpeed Insights issues and attempts to serve your images more quickly to users in various nations.