One important metric to help you determine how many people have seen your content is reach. Essentially, it's a post-metric eye.

1. Reach

Impressions indicate the quantity of times a post was viewed, whereas reach indicates the total number of people who saw it.

2. Impressions

A viewer engages with your post when they take an action. Percentage of your audience that interacts with your posts is called engagement rate.

3. Engagement Rate

One crucial metric to consider is your amplification rate. In relation to your followers, it indicates the number of times the post was shared.

4. Amplification Rate

This metric lets you know how many new followers you are gaining in a specific amount of time.

5. Audience Growth Rate

Play a major part in a lot of social media campaigns. A video post might get impressions, but that doesn't always mean viewers saw the whole thing.

6. Video Views

Amplification rate and virality rate are comparable. It provides you with the number of times the content was shared.

7. Virality Rate

A social media campaign aims to inspire viewers to take action. Take action, click any link in the post to buy a service, find out more, or both.

8. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The conversion rate indicates that someone took action in addition to the CTR. They made a link click.

9. Conversion Rate

This metric is used When posting sponsored advertisements. The cost of each click on your post appears to you.

10. Cost-per-Click (CPC)