Snapchat Ad Examples for Businesses

Snap ads were used by the well-known pizza company Domino's to introduce their "New Bigger Better" pizza campaign in Europe.

Domino’s Pizza "New Bigger Better" campaign

To make their first-ever TV campaign unique, they chose to build an engaging AR lens experience rather than simply running an ordinary ad.

Starling Digital Bank "Feel good about money"

To help Snapchat users fully immerse themselves in the BACARDÍ summer vibe, they created a Lens experience.

BACARDÍ "Do what moves you" campaign

With their gamified AR experiences through a new Lens, Sephora approached their Snapchat campaigns in a very different way.

Sephora gamified AR

Subway wanted to use Snapchat to engage a younger audience and promote their new sandwich. They were able to achieve a 25.2% increase in reach by using ads.

Subway new sandwich campaign

Hopper helps users to figure out when is the best time to buy tickets. Hopper hired more travel-loving young adults to become active Hopper users by using Snap ads.

Hopper radius targeting

Coca-Cola used Snapchat ads to create a National Filter during the 2018 World Cup in Belgium to capitalize on the buzz related to their national soccer team.

Coca-Cola 2018 World Cup national filter

The goal of Tophatter, a mobile discovery shopping app, was to take advantage of Snapchat to drive profitable ROAS and app installs.

Tophatter app installs

Pit Viper is a fun brand that offers strong, reasonably-priced glasses. They started using video ads on Snapchat to raise awareness and sales.

Pit Viper ski and snowboarding sunglasses