10 Free Small Business Tools To Succeed in 2024

1. Asana

Teams and companies (up to 15 people) can plan, manage, and automate work with Asana's free work management features.

2. Monday.com

Manage every project and procedure for your team with Monday.com. All tasks and deadlines are visible on all boards (up to three).

3. Smartsheet

Using Smartsheet, a cloud-based work platform, you can plan, schedule, and manage tasks all from within a user-friendly interface.

4. Buffer

Buffer is an all-in-one social media management tool that lets you handle Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on one tool.

5. Mailchimp

Personalize and improve your email marketing with Intuit's Mailchimp. Use ready-made templates that are branded to create personalized, automated emails.

6. Canva

Even in its free edition, Canva's graphic design tool offers thousands of excellent templates and layouts that you can use and tailor to your brand.

7. Google Analytics

Anyone with a Google account can use Google Analytics (GA), a free web analytics tool. Use this tool to track the performance of your website.

8. HubSpot

You can go beyond contact management with Hubspot's CRM software, which offers features like call tracking and business insights.

9. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a free online accounting tool that simplifies business processes and controls cash flow. It is a byproduct of the Zoho software for business operations.

10. Wave

Wave is bookkeeping software that facilitates the successful organization and management of finances for non-accountants.