10 Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs

By W3 Speed Up

Simone Hufana


Simone founded ColorHerstory to celebrate women of color through coloring books, won Shopify’s BEASTMODE-A-Business competition in 2017, and dreams globally, inspired by travel.

Yelitsa Jean Charles


Yelitsa Jean-Charles created Healthy Roots Dolls at Rhode Island School of Design to promote diversity in toys, now thriving with $1.5 million funding, a Procter & Gamble partnership, and a Target deal.

Ryan Trahan


In 2017, Ryan Trahan, a Texas A&M student athlete, chose YouTube over college due to NCAA restrictions. His channel now has over 11 million subscribers, marking his success in the creator economy.

Matteo Galvez


At 16, Mateo Galvez launched LOTTA WORLDWIDE through Shopify’s BEASTMODE-A-Business competition, creating motivational apparel to honor his roots and build a better future for his family.

Katie Carson


Katie Carson started Royalty Soaps in high school, gaining fame with DIY soap-making videos that now attract nearly a million YouTube subscribers after a decade of success.

Angelina Ly


At 14, Angelina Ly started making slimes, launched Fireflyslime, and now runs it full-time while studying business in college.

Sydney and Toni Loew


In 2013, middle schoolers Sydney and Toni Loew launched Poketti, a plushie with a cellphone pocket, funded on Kickstarter, winning awards, media features, and Walmart as a client.

Robert Felder


Robert Felder founded Bearbottom, a sustainable menswear brand in high school, focusing on ethical production post-college, donating over 700,000 meals and 100,000 pairs of shorts to date.

Moziah Bridges


Moziah Bridges founded Mo’s Bows at nine, now thriving with him as CEO. A published author and award-winner, he’s been featured in GQ and on Shark Tank.

Megan Cox


MIT student Megan Cox launched a profitable skin care line from her dorm, making $10,000 overnight from a news story. Now at Genie Supply, she supports beauty entrepreneurs with private label skin care solutions.