Best ChatGPT Social Media Prompts For Quick Wins In 2024


Content Ideas

Generate a comprehensive list of engaging social media content ideas tailored specifically for [Industry].

Content Pillars

Generate a comprehensive list of 4 social media content pillars tailored specifically for [Industry].

Content Calendar

Create a social media content calendar organized around specific themes for the month. Provide content ideas that align with the seasonal trends or relevant topics. Provide a content calendar for [Month].

Script Writing

Review the script and provide edits to make it more concise without sacrificing key information. Identify areas where we can streamline the message while maintaining clarity and impact. [Insert Reels Script]

Caption Writing

Enhance this social media caption by incorporating keywords related to the topic, ensuring optimal searchability and alignment with the content’s central theme. [Insert Caption].

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Craft a concise and compelling Facebook intro description within the 101-character limit.

Keywords & Hashtags

Expand the list of keywords related to [Insert Specific Keyword]. Explore synonyms, variations, and related terms that can enhance the content’s discoverability and relevance.


Analyze the demographics of our social media audience, [Provide social media audience age, gender, and location]. How can we tailor our content and messaging to better resonate with our target audience based on these demographic insights?