8 Must-Try ChatGPT Prompts for Writers


“Do not start writing yet,” and “Do you understand?”

Before you write anything at all, it helps to sort out the AI. As per Fastovski, writers can initiate a discussion about their project to "prime" ChatGPT.


“Write an introduction based on the bullet points below.”

It's unlikely that ChatGPT will produce a very good blog post if you ask it to write about How to find the best blog ideas.


“Please ask me all of the questions you need to help me write this article.”

There's more to ChatGPT than just order taking. A blog post's title could also be specific, like "introduction" or "conclusion."


“Write 10 alternative titles for [your draft title]”

Since the task only requires rearranging words and extracting keywords, this is where ChatGPT can truly shine.


“Cut the length of this article by 30%.”

If you tend to air on the more verbose side, ChatGPT can help pare down your writing to meet a stipulated word count.


“What keywords should I use in this content?”

This means that authors can ask ChatGPT to suggest possible keywords for a whole post by plugging it in.


“Rephrase to make this [more casual tone/first person/more humorous, etc.]”

ChatGPT has the ability to completely change the tone of any copy by rephrasing it.


“Turn this into a Tweet/Instagram caption/meta description.”

A writer's worst nightmare is to have to produce more content for search engines and social media.