1. Duplicator

Everyone can create a backup of their website with this free WordPress backup plugin. Duplicator Pro is available for $49.50 a year if you're looking for additional features.

2. UpdraftPlus

For backing up your WordPress website, UpdraftPlus is a useful tool. It's simple to set up website backups with the free version.

3. BackWPUp

Another WordPress plugin that assists with website backups is called BackWPUp. It's a trustworthy option for protecting the data on your website.

4. BlogVault

You can easily create backups of every part of your WordPress website, including files, databases, and media libraries, with BlogVault.

5. Total Upkeep

Your website is regularly backed up by the plugin. Usually, your website files, databases, and other important data are included in these backups.

6. Jetpack Backups

It offers daily automated backups of your whole WordPress site. Including Your website's files, databases, media, and other important data.

7. WP Time Capsule

As it employs incremental technology, it only saves changes made since the last backup, instead of backing up your entire website each time.

8. Backuply

You can quickly restore and create backups with its automated workflows. Only file, database, or full backup creation are options.

9. WP Database Backup

With just one click, you can easily back up your database. To save time, backups can be made manually or automatically.

10. WP Vivid

To save storage space, this removes unnecessary images before backing up. Also, it stores database pictures for easy restore point reference.