1. ClickUp AI

The application is excellent at producing case studies, product descriptions, landing page copy, bios, briefs, and blog posts.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly can be used to create original content, offer answers to queries, and edit already written material for mistakes in grammar, syntax, or spelling.

3. Writesonic

It focuses on SEO features like keyword inclusion, provides more than 100 AI template tools, and lets users pick specific source texts for generated copy. 

4. Rytr

To support campaigns like creating articles, social media posts, ad copy, content briefs, and newsletters, Rytr is an AI writer that is based on GPT.

5. ChatGPT & ChatGPT+

Most of the top AI-powered writing assistants available today run on ChatGPT, which is a free and open-source program.

6. GetGenie

The WordPress-specific utility, driven by AI, is called GetGenie. The platform can do competitor analysis, keyword research, and SEO features.

7. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is one of the more expensive tools on the market, but it also offers one of the most extensive libraries of advanced features.

8. HiveMind

In order to produce content summaries, it can translate, produce original articles, and extract data.

9. Hubspot AI Content Writer

It is a free tool that uses user input to write paragraphs, create email templates, and come up with ideas and outlines for blog posts.

10. Quillbot

An AI tool called Quillbot enables users to identify plagiarism and grammatical errors in existing writing while summarizing or paraphrasing it.