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Shopify speed optimization is our Forte!

For the last 5 years, we have focused and dedicated our efforts towards speeding up slow and laggy Shopify websites. We are Shopify speed and performance optimization specialists and we are yet to come across a Shopify store that we cannot speed up.

We speed up Shopify web stores and deliver guaranteed performance scores in Google PSI & GTMetrix!

A slow website can:


Increase Bounce Rate


Reduce Conversion Rate


Reduce User Retention


Make it Difficult to rank well in SERPs

We have been speeding up Shopify sites for 5 years now and have optimized over a hundred Shopify sites in that time!

We are all about speed and performance and we settle for nothing less than the fastest!

A 1-second reduction in total loading time can increase your conversions by up to 7%!
We can help you get there

Our team at W3SpeedUp is dedicated to speeding up slow Shopify sites and we guarantee performance scores! We don’t stop till we achieve the best performance possible for your Shopify web store!

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See what our clients have to say about us

w3speedup has a lot of knowledge, communicates well, and has increased our page speed enormously. Thanks a lot!

Pieter Wielders

completed task perfectly, Getting 90+ on mobile and 94+ on desktop. Thank you so much!

Mark Zakaib

Good work

Mark Zakaib

Hired w3speedup for speed improvement and hell yeah he did a good job Greetings from the netherlands,

Amilio Zahta

w3speedup did a wonderful job, I was looking for some to resolve this issue, They have a good team. Looking forward to SEO services, as well.

Azhar Vapiwalla

w3speedup did a great job speeding up our Shopify store. From a crippling mobile pagespeed score of ~20 to 80+. Desktop now at 95+. Always responsive, attention to the details, and not breaking any functionality. Will come back for more!

Jan Buckendahl

They delivered exactly what they have promised... Before the given deadline.

Lovane Fashionc

It was great working with w3speedup. Site is super fast now. Thank you very much!

Nicolas Heymann

Excellent work! I would highly recommend W3speedup.  They were effectively able to complete tasks and resolved to follow on issues quickly.

Jeffrey Pitrak

Went above and beyond their way to help If any reference required please feel free ask. I can not say enough about them and sure i will use again 10/10

Paul Irvine

Awesome work my Shopify site is so much faster now. Highly recommend A*

Ben Norman

Finally, they keep their promises and delivers even better results than agreed to. What a change compared to the many who promise the moon and sun and deliver peanuts. W3 was absolutely amazing. I can not recommend him enough. They did their work well within the promised deadlines. Was very professional and easy to reach, due to the time difference his replies were a few hours later but he is a very effective communicator so we didn’t even have to speak. They laid out what could be achieved and was clearly addressed my expectations. Something TaskHusky and another “reputed” freelancer totally failed to do. They slyly didn’t address it and then said they never promised me anything! Very crafty! W3 in stark contrast was extremely professional and within minutes of our starting a convo initiated a discussion on my expectations and advised me on what I had to live with given my website’s limitations. They more than delivered on most counts and the rest done as promised. Results: Gmatrix - Pagespeed Score 100% (was 69%) - YSlow Score 98% (was 49%) - Full Load time 1.2s (was 12s) - Requests 53 (was 149) Google Speed Test - Desktop 90% (was 49%) - Mobile 80% (was 18%) We are extremely pleased. The results speak for themselves.

Sandeep Juneja

Delivered better performance than what was expected. Lots of JS issues were resolved to optimize the site. Quality work and successfully delivered. Will again use their services very soon.

Carla Scramstad

Very happy that we chose to hire w3speedup for the project, They are very punctual with perfectly fluent English, works efficiently and provides an overall great experience. w3speedup provided us with great results, dramatically increasing our speed scores without any noticable impact to image quality or website functionality. Highly recommended!

Doron Bouskila

A pleasure to work with W3 Speedup. From the beginning, They made sure to understand all the details/scope of work. They have knowledgeable and experienced and produced exactly what we needed for our website.

Audrius Vaskevicius

w3speed did a great job! They improved Google PageSpeed insights from mobile 22/100/desktop 56/100 to mobile 74/100/desktop 97/100. Plus GTMetrix Grade went from F to A. Fully load time 0.7 sec.

Anne-Marie den Hertog

w3speedup provided us with a very efficient and fast optimization service. they kept their promises of speed results. They are professional and I recommend them.

Michaël Reich

It was a pleasure to work with w3speedup. He delivered over the top results within a short period of time and did every fix we ask for. Can totally recommend him.

Tobias Kuelper

w3speedup did a great job on our website speed optimization. Communication could have been better. Overall, good work.

Amy Garrett

W3speedup achieved great scores for our website, and was able to improve our previous scores a lot! He also went above and beyond when some tweaks needed to be done and was very communicative and responsive!

Maite Altmeisch

w3speedup delivered exactly what they promised. In fact, they have exceeded my expectations. I would really recommend working with them if you want to improve the speed of your website dramatically. Thanks!

Krishan Kalpoe

W3speed is awesome at speed optimization - I'd defo recommend and use them again for that, they massively speed up my site speed, mobile site went from around 14 seconds to 2 seconds!11 5

Rajdeep Gahir

Very well

Darcy Schmidt

Great Job.

Jorge Alonso

w3speedup did a great job speeding up our website.

Josh Downes

w3speedup was great to work with. The communication was great, the work was high quality, they took feedback very well, and worked within the specified timeline. Highly recommend to people who need a quick boost in site speed.

Kalei Owens

w3speedup helped us with improving our site speed, went from a 22 on mobile to a 75 and from 20 something on desktop to 95. After he finished & we payed for the project we still had some issues with the speed the pictures loaded on each product page. w3speedup was nice about it and went and fixed the issue quickly for us at no extra cost. Another thing I want to mention is his availability. I work with a lot of freelancers on UpWork and a lot of them take forever to reply and a simple task takes weeks. w3speedup replied very fast and felt I was working with an employee. If you need your Shopify store site speed done, w3speedup is your guy. Many Thanks!

Alin Turcea

Mastered for optimization.

Ruffaleen Hilario

w3speedup was excellent!! I needed my website speed increasing in Shopify, it was a dreadful 11 Mobile Score and he managed to take me to an outstanding 87 Mobile score. He carried out the exact job I needed doing! Great communication, was efficent and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!!!

Conor Jaafari

Performed task as requested in a quick manner.

Sagar Shah

A one-second decrease in the Shopify page load time can increase conversions by 1% – 7%